Advising and realizing
Advising and realizing
We offer the entrepreneur and the company targeted focus to achieve their ambitions quickly and solidly

Advice and implementation

As a business leader, you naturally face specific challenges. You want to tackle them quickly and adequately. For that you can count on our strength as consultants, facilitators, coaches and implementers.

ubeon offers you a 'Window of opportunity'

The solution is often hidden in your organization and we bring it to the surface. We provide a targeted strategy and mobilize the necessary resources to work out the solution.

The combination of our C-level experience in multiple disciplines and a structured approach ensures a rapid analysis and a sustainable solution.

The implementation of the found solution can of course be done by you, but we can also do this together with you and your team. From our operational experience in various fields we can give you maximum support.

Conseiller et réaliser

ubeon finance

De missie van ubeon finance is om ondernemers, vennootschappen en verenigingen te ondersteunen. Ontdek wat ubeon finance voor jou kan betekenen en hoe we jouw onderneming vooruit kunnen helpen. 

Ontdek ook onze podcast reeks 'Cash Ninjas'!

ubeon finance
Excellerate met ubeon 


'Get organised' as you 'Go To Market'

Excellerate is a business-coaching programme for entrepreneurs and company managers with a company in start-up, growth phase or relaunch. The entrepreneurial drive, creativity and entrepreneurship of the company manager combined with the experience and sense for organisation and structure of the Excellerate Coach create a win-win situation that propels the company forward faster towards the desired goals.

"Entrepreneurs and manager strengthen each other"

Integral approach

Like everything at ubeon, our approach is underpinned by an integrated vision and systems thinking.

Specifically, we address your challenges by:

  • provide an overview of the current situation;
  • provide insight into flat systemic dynamics;
  • offer a perspective on solutions tailored to your company;
  • implement solutions in line with this and
  • provide systematic feedback so that you can continuously improve and innovate.

Our unique and great strength here is that we are a multidisciplinary team of senior business experts.

Our combined experience ensures that solutions can be implemented systemically, appropriately and quickly.

Advising and realizing
 Adviseren en realiseren

You hold the helm in your hands

Where and when necessary, we take appropriate roles:

  • The strategic advisor, who helps shape your strategic vision
  • The executive coach, as a soundboard for the ambitions of your company
  • The interim manager, who prepares and implements solutions
  • The auditor, who makes a thorough analysis of current limitations and opportunities
  • The business expert, who carries out tasks with in-depth knowledge.
  • The office manager who gets your administration back on track

Always in line with the vision and ambitions of your organization and at the pace that you as entrepreneur or responsible manager determine.

Open, transparent and effective

Fully in line with our core values, we always communicate clearly about where we stand and what can happen. That way you always know where we stand and what progress we are making.

Thanks to the close cooperation in various projects, we always work:

  • Multidisciplinary; the right expert at the right time
  • Pragmatic; solutions that work (and continue to work)
  • Connecting; with a systemic view across various walls
  • Tailored; advice and implementation that are completely in line with your vision and ambitions

    ubeon has been an approved service provider for the SME Portfolio and other grant measures since 2004, both for training and consultancy.

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