This is your life, this is your career, your business. Are you standing where you want to stand? With coaching, you achieve different results.

"Any system where feedback exists is learning."

This is the systemic principle that is the foundation of coaching.

As a coach, we facilitate feedback - learning - in your system.


The coach will work with what you bring to the table:

  • cognitive flexibility, new ways of thinking, emotional intelligence;
  • career, talent development, work challenges;
  • developing relationships, guarding boundaries, resolving conflicts;
  • working together with colleagues, communication and leadership;
  • professional challenges, time management, learning to learn;
  • starting a business, developing your business, formulating strategy, ;
  • ...

The ubeon coaches use systemic principles and techniques that give you insights into the deeper structures of your thinking, feeling and acting.

You will be given levers to enable your system to grow in an ecological way.

Career Guidance

Career guidance is an important factor, both for the employee and the employer. A good fit between the interests of the organization and personal ambitions and competencies has numerous beneficial effects.


Mindscaping® is a guided visualization. During the Mindscaping® exercise, the limbic system of the brain is stimulated, replacing restrictive conditioning with more empowering ones.



Breinpiraten-as-a-Service is een initiatief waar ervaren coaches hun expertise zo toegankelijk mogelijk willen maken. Breinpiraten is een metafoor: piraten zoeken schatten over de wereldzeeën; Breinpiraten zoeken en vinden de verborgen schatten in zichzelf!  

Via een abonnementsformule kunnen professionelen zichzelf en eventuele medewerkers een platform aanbieden voor onmiddellijke online ondersteuning en coaching op het ogenblik dat dit relevant is.



Map the attitudes, mindset and communication preferences of yourself and your team.

Our primary assessment tools are:

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