Large Scale Interventions (LSI)
Large Scale Interventions (LSI)
With LSI techniques, you combine top-down framing and bottom-up input

Large Scale Interventions (LSI) are an approach to organizing sustainable change with active participation of stakeholders from the entire system (organization or community and its environment).

LSI consists of a trajectory with a mix of working in small groups and large groups, called Large Group Interventions (LGI).

The number of people involved in the process can vary from a few dozen to thousands. An LSI pathway is ideally suited for changes that affect an entire work system (organization or community plus stakeholders).

LSI is also called Large Scale Change, Whole-Scale Change or Whole Systems Change.

Large Scale Interventions (LSI)

Especially now that organizations are constantly changing, long- and short-term strategies can no longer be devised from an 'ivory tower'.

But how do you combine top-down framing and bottom-up input? How do you involve employees and other stakeholders?

The principles and methods of Large Scale Interventions (LSI) form an approach that is ideally suited to organize a stakeholder dialogue on issues that affect a whole system (organization or community and its environment).

LSI has been proven to contribute to better cooperation through support, more effective communication, better decisions and actual implementation of projects.

Large Scale Interventions

ubeon facilitates Large Scale Interventions for:

  • companies

  • organizations

  • districts and regions


Open Space Technology (OST)

Large Scale Intervention technique in which collective thinking is unleashed on issues determined by the group. Open Space Technology is an extremely suitable form for issues with a wide diversity of interests and cultures, such as in capacity building and networking.

Open Space Agility (OSA)

Changing. Collaborating. Becoming agile. We are increasingly being bombarded with terms about how things can and must be done differently. But what does practice tell us? OSA is a process guidance that creates a large support base for change and cooperation.

World Café

World Café is a co-creative work format for creating dialogue within a large group of participants. It is a powerful method because many people can contribute in a relatively short time.