Lead To Deal - Sales coaching
Sales coaching
Do you want clarity on where your clients' needs lie? Do you want to coach in an easy and accessible way? With this sales coaching workshop you will learn how to conduct sales conversations in a natural way.

We are all professionals! We are passionate and driven about our passion and our business. Always looking for a good balance between new customers and existing customers. We don't want to be too big, but we don't want to be too small either.

In this training you will learn how to:

  • Apply coaching sales
  • Practice and apply conversation techniques  
  • Have complete conversations in a spontaneous way 
  • Use the right sales techniques 
  • Recognize the power of customer insight  

Learn to help customers to buy more easily by identifying where their needs lie and learn to interact with the customer in a natural way without using hard sales techniques or intrusive communication. Are you in need of some clarity? Do you want to have a first meeting but you don't know how or do you have difficulties with selling? This workshop is accessible to everyone and therefore the ideal way to refresh your knowledge!

At the end of this training you will know

  • Why a coaching conversation works so well 
  • How to approach and apply a conversation spontaneously 
  • Why a coaching conversation is important 
  • What the difference is with classic sales techniques  
  • Which techniques you can use  
  • How effective our techniques are 

What will you take away from this training?

  • How do you inspire your customers when they don't need you?
  • How do you make sure your clients find you when they are interested?
  • How do you stimulate your customers to buy?
  • What is the structure of a successful sales conversation?
  • How do you turn your customer into an ambassador?



    Steff Vanhaverbeke
    Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
    As a certified trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
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