The learning organisation 3.0
The learning organisation 3.0
Expectations are high and demands are high, but the obstacles on the road to success are numerous and appear at an ever-increasing rate.

Organisations are constantly being confronted with unexpected situations, constantly accelerating change, growing complexity and, as a result, ever-increasing uncertainties.

This evolution has been going on for some time now and it does not look like it will reverse. It means that more and more is asked of employees and that managers too are increasingly confronted with the many new possibilities and opportunities that are offered, but also with the complex challenges that this ever faster changing and more complicated society poses to them.

Society is also under severe pressure. The enormous challenge of keeping the global climate within certain norms, the growing population, political tensions between powers, scarcity of raw materials, the logistics of global trade - these are just some of the many difficulties we all face. It is the limits of the existing systems that we are up against.

More direct challenges for organisations consist of constantly changing regulations of laws and standards, increasing tightness on the labour market (at least for certain profiles), Brexit, COVID and its consequences, or the advancing digitalisation in the whole of society, just to name the most obvious phenomena. It leads more and more to the phenomenon of burnout, also among executives. This often happens to the best and most motivated employees, because they have given the best of themselves and get burnt out in today's hectic world. It is not easy to be an entrepreneur or team leader in any organisation today. Expectations are high and a lot is asked of them, but the obstacles on the road to success are numerous and emerge ever faster.

As a result, entrepreneurs, executives and, in fact, all employees, need to continuously train themselves in order to be able to follow this rhythm of changes and uncertainties and to keep an overview. Yesterday's solutions and habits no longer have the same effect, and managers, too, must be able to question themselves and constantly learn to keep up with this story. They hold the keys to turn their company or team into a continuous learning organisation that floats on the tide and waves of change, complexity and uncertainties, to reach their destination faster, safer and in a more sustainable way.

The keys we offer lead to insight. That, in turn, provides overview and ultimately leads to the prospect of a better result.

Are you someone who can question yourself, strives for new insights and wants to grasp those keys to success?

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Our offer

The keys to the learning organisation 3.0 will be offered to you in a three-part series of insightful workshops, in which you will be taken on an interactive voyage of discovery to those keys. In a creative and accessible way, you will discover why we as a society, organisation, team and individual have to adapt our thinking, what you can do to achieve this within your organisation or team and how you can finally obtain the keys.

When you participate, you will also receive a b with the keys:

"Total Respect Management - Excellent leadership for the future.

You will also receive an intriguing accompanying attribute, an instrument with which you can put the knowledge and keys you have acquired into practice.

This journey of discovery consists of three interactive discovery sessions of 2 hours each, each preceded and followed by an opportunity to network and discuss the insights gained.

The first session is about why we need learning organisations. The second session is about what it means to become a learning organisation 3.0. And, finally, the third session will be about how to put this into practice.


Session 1

Why should you make your organisation/team a learning team? What are the benefits?

Session 2

What is needed to turn your organisation/team into a learning team? Which steps are needed?

Session 3

How can you turn your organisation/team into a learning team? How do you get started?

Organisaties worden steeds opnieuw geconfronteerd met onverwachte situaties, voortdurend sneller op elkaar opvolgende veranderingen, een groeiende complexiteit en daardoor ook met immer meer onzekerheden.

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Through a systemic approach tailored to the complexity and continuous change in our contemporary society, Peter Blokland brings clarity and vitality to your organization. Respect and attention for each other and creating and protecting value for your organization and its stakeholders, are the basis for more success.
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