We facilitate collaboration between people, teams and companies so they can co-create and innovate together.

Collaboration as a lever.

Companies that grow, innovate or change run into a number of limits: financial capabilities, competition, limited time and people.

Collaboration is a major key to overcoming these limits.

With our proven team-coaching techniques, you can ensure that your people and teams are aligned under the same vision and commit their time and talents to work together toward common goals.

As facilitators of these group processes, we draw on our rich toolbox to build sustainable collaboration at all levels: between people, teams and companies.

We start at the beginning; mankind

When you want to make major changes, innovations and/or improvements in your organization, processes or offerings, it is good to put people first, who will play a key role in this.

A good preparation consists of Screening the prevailing 'culture' or 'mindset' of your organization, team and people. This will give you insight into the limitations and possibilities of your organization, your team and your people.

Our toolbox includes several popular instruments with which we, together with the people involved, see which conditions are fulfilled or necessary to build a sustainable cooperation.

We provide connection and engagement

Every change starts with people. By involving them very early in the change process we get commitment and engagement.

For this we make use of 'Large Scale Intervention' techniques.

These techniques create a context in which all stakeholders can make a substantial contribution to the change process. In this way we help you to create support for innovation, change and cooperation.



Learn to tackle complex problems through play

With 'Serious Games' difficult processes can be stimulated in a playful way. 

In recent years, game types have been developed where everyone - regardless of social standing - can play any role that has been programmed in a familiar, lifelike and at the same time challenging learning environment.

Serious game

Self-management as an outcome

Who doesn't want team members who are involved, who transcend themselves and who are committed to the realization of a common vision and who help build a healthy team spirit and corporate culture?

By using our methods for team coaching and cooperation in a goal-oriented way, people will be able to work in a highly self-directed way. This is not a necessary objective, but it is one of the outcomes of our CoCreate approach.

In this way we build high-performance teams with members who can look at themselves and others in a fresh way and take joint ownership.

Prevent Tunnel Vision

Are you, as an individual or as a company, facing a question or a choice?

No matter how intelligent you are, to some extent you suffer from tunnel vision. Your upbringing, education and work experience have made you into the unique person you are today.

Thinking out of the box is difficult when you are inside that box yourself.

In our intervision sessions you will be thoroughly questioned. You discover other points of view and together with other participants you develop fresh ideas to transcend your tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision

Towards an adaptable culture

Our systemic approach takes into account the connection between organizational structures, processes, teams and people.

We ensure far-reaching and long-lasting effects, which will also be deeply rooted in your people long after our interventions.By involving them early on, we can hoist everyone on board.

Instead of a rigid structure, we get an adaptable culture. That can make all the difference in a world that is changing ever faster.

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