With our noses pointed in the same direction through connection and improved cooperation

Teambuilding and teamcoaching are group activities where cooperation is central.

The purpose of these activities is to create mutual cooperation, mutual connection, trust and favorable group dynamics.

We regularly organize teambuilding activities in the context of team incentives, learning programs and problem solving.

Our team building activities focus on communication and giving feedback, mutual learning to solve problems, overcoming obstacles, mutual trust and project planning.



Let yourself and your team get to know themselves better and transcend thanks to coaching with horses.

EquiCircles is a powerful form of coaching with horses. You develop solutions together, you test them and you adjust.

This way you turn a group into a team in a few hours. The horses confront you with yourself and your colleagues and give you new insights.

The contact with nature does the rest.


Learn empathic cooperation with EquiCircles

Empathy is an essential principle for effective cooperation.

In this training you learn to develop and use empathy through practical EquiCircles exercises.

Horsepower in your TEAM 

Is your team struggling with a problem? The team will find a lasting solution on their own with horsepower.

From Group to Team

Equicircles is powerful coaching with horses. You develop your own solutions, test them immediately and make adjustments. Teams and their leaders achieve lasting results in just a few hours.


According to a study by German psychologist Titze M., people laughed for about 18 minutes a day in the 1950s, but only 6 minutes a day today. Children laugh as many as 300 times a day, adults only about 15 times a day.

Our brains do not distinguish between made laughter and real laughter.

Laughter yoga

Bringing people together to "laugh for no reason" just because it's nice to laugh together. You laugh with each other, not at each other.

Training laughter yoga animator

There are no prerequisite training requirements, anyone can laugh. However, there must be a willingness to laugh and you must enjoy sharing knowledge, information and health with others.

Laughter club Destelbergen

Our main values are: to let go of control and thinking, to welcome the child in ourselves, to have a playful attitude, to learn to put things in perspective, to experience fun and joy, and to build social connections. Every first Sunday of the month at 11am we meet to participate in a laughter session.


Growing by working together with larger organisations

Create a framework of thought and work to collaborate with larger partner companies, with preservation.

Karate-do as metaphor in working towards more confidence

Discover the age-old principles of budo and learn to apply them to your team.