We facilitate various 'learning communities' through intervision techniques

Intervision is an organized conversation between people operating in the same field of work. Unlike traditional learning environments, there is no supervision or hierarchical situation in which someone takes charge of the content.

The topic of discussion is the work carried out, the problems associated with it and what can be learned from it. The aim is that the expertise of those involved is called upon and at the same time increased.

Traditions of intervision have arisen in various work situations, such as social work, education, health care and the legal profession.

Often employees discuss matters that they encounter in their work according to a certain protocol in which it is established what is discussed and how the interaction takes place.

Intervision is also often used in education as a form of work. For example, students discuss internship experiences in an intervision group. The intention here is also to learn from each other about the content of the subject or method to be used.

ubeon facilitates the following learning communities and intervision techniques:


Creative Problem Solving 2030 - CPS 2030

Creative Problem Solving (CPS2030) is an intervision concept in which business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs share knowledge.

Total trust, width and depth distinguish us from similar formulas. You give a lot, you get a lot.


Disney Imagineering

Walt Disney was an entrepreneur and a visionary. But most of all he was someone who was able to inspire people.

Disney Imagineering is a step-by-step process that allows people to quickly evolve from a concept to a realization.

Critical points are used as valuable elements to speed up the design and development process.


Appreciative inquiry

When is your organization at its best? At what moments is it excellent at what it does?

Unlike classic deficit thinking, Appreciative Inquiry looks for what makes an organization successful.


Communities of Practice 

The market research "Challenges for SME Entrepreneurs" gave us a lot of insights.

It led to three communities, in which participants specifically share experiences and learn from each other.


The 5th dimension

An intervision concept, based on systemic configurations, in which managers, business owners and board members discover new perspectives about themselves and the organization. Sometimes you need a fresh look at a certain situation.

As a member of "The 5th Dimension" you can call upon the combined thinking and feeling power of your peers.