Serious Game
Serious Game
Learn how to tackle complex problems through games with our 'serious business games'.

A business game or serious game is a game with a purpose other than pure entertainment

For example, the primary objective of a business game is to communicate, recruit or select, teach or gain insight.

A serious game can use multiple media; it can be a paperbased board game or card game, a facilitated management game, or a computer game.

Serious Games


ActeeChange is specifically designed for training, planning and communicating change. The process allows participants to make reflections on a personal, team and organizational level.


Lego Serious Play

Using the popular, familiar Lego cubes as a metaphor, problems are identified and solutions outlined.


Mindset & Culture Game

For an hour and a half, our mindset experiences firsthand the impact of divergent values and beliefs as well as how actions can be aligned with them.

Serious Game

In recent years, game forms have been developed in which anyone - regardless of social position - can play any role that has been programmed in a familiar, lifelike and at the same time challenging learning environment. In this way, difficult processes can be simulated in a playful manner.

Our business games involve multiple players, in which each participant is assigned a different role and a different challenge, and in which we facilitate mutual interaction.

In this way, we guarantee a favorable learning dynamic in which participants resolve subcutaneous issues and/or complex challenges in a playful, safe yet thorough manner.