Laughter yoga 
Bringing people together to "laugh for no reason" just because it's nice to laugh together. You laugh with each other, not at each other.

The course of the laughter session

We first do release and relaxation exercises. We practice "made laughter" and we introduce the manta "Ho Ho Ha Ha" with which we separate laughter inductions. We do in group various roles, portrayals, situations to induce ourselves to laugh. We make ourselves be-LACH-able.

We end with the "free laugh." Usually we conclude with the silence or soft music and with a round of sharing experiences.

Laughter yoga for businesses

Laughter yoga for companies can be used as a monthly or weekly stress manager or to support the company culture. At the start or end of a team building, study day, workshops or meetings.

A Danish IT company, Four Systems, organized a daily 15-minute session for 1 week and then 1 session per week for 1 year. The results were amazing: the average stress level decreased by 75%, sales increased by 40% and there was less absence due to illness.


About the facilitator

Luc Van Imschoot trained as a laughter animator in Leuven with Dr. Kataria in 2005. In September of that year he started the Laughter Club Destelbergen and Ghent. In 2006 he followed the teacher laughter training in Paris with Dr. Kataria and laughter refresher training with Gerard Aerts.

In 2007 he and his wife started Ananda-Taofox Destelbergen, which focuses on preventive health in the field of detoxification, de-acidification and de-stressing. In 2009 he followed a 2-year training Creative Agog at Balans Ghent and became a Systemic NLP Practitioner via Ubeon Academy. 



-Laughter is the best anti-stress agent-. 

When you yawn with laughter, the stress hormones, such as cortisol, are eliminated for free. Worrying and worrying stops automatically.

-Laughter increases self-confidence.

Laughing in a group takes away a lot of resistance and obstacles to contact and promotes the group feeling. The more you laugh, the better you will feel.

-Laughter promotes social contact.

People are more likely to connect when they have laughed together. And laughter brings us into the here and now, not into the past or the future, and eye contact is very important. 



Laughter Yoga
Are you looking for a unique experience that reduces stress, expands your mind and loosens your laughter muscles? Luc will teach you to laugh for no reason in a laughter workshop.
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