Digital Marketer - Online internship
Digital Marketer - Online internship
Ubeon offers students and people who want to transition to a new passion the opportunity to do an "online internship" where they can develop skills and knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing.

We are living in a special time. Working from home is the norm. Online learning is the norm. And presumably this trend will continue for some time.

Do you want to form yourself into a full-fledged online marketing expert during this special period?

We have set up an internship program where you work and learn from home, under the guidance of our professionals and instructors.

Online learning and work from home

You consult with your colleagues online via Teams on a daily basis. This is where you will discuss specific tasks and methods, which you will carry out in a self-organizing manner. You will continuously give feedback via Teams. At the same time, you will have access to a whole range of valuable learning sources and resources.

During your internship you will work on a project. As part of that, you will put into practice the following:

  • Plan, draft and execute online marketing campaigns
  • Managing SEO and SEA for Ubeon, our members and customers.
  • Proofreading and editing of texts and co-managing the corporate identity
  • Supporting content marketing production (video, blogs, etc.)
  • Publication of online courses, organizing online events
  • Integration and automation of online marketing with CRM
  • Maintenance of the websites of ubeon and our customers via CMS
  • Announcement of events and relevant news on website and social media
  • Conversation management of website visitors and social media
Digital Marketeer - Online stage

Knowledge and skills

In order to perform this multifaceted internship assignment well:

  • You have a very good knowledge of Dutch and understand English and French.
  • You have experience in the business use of web and social media and you quickly become familiar with new software.
  • You have knowledge of and experience in using common office software, photoshop and other content creation tools.
  • You communicate smoothly and professionally by email and chat
  • you keep a good overview while paying attention to details
  • You have good contact skills, are customer oriented and have a commercial nose
  • you feel like a fish in the water in an organization where very diverse things happen

We offer:

An exciting and diverse internship with lots of interaction with our members and customers and a high degree of independence.

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                         WORK DURATION




By mutual agreement

By mutual agreement

By mutual agreement




Place of residence and field of study are not important. What is important is the desire to learn.