We welcome you as a visitor or as an organizer of corporate events.

This square farmhouse is a pleasant and functional business and training center near Ghent. You can book our rooms for a warm and friendly reception of your colleagues, business partners, clients, association members and network friends.

Online meetings are the new normal, but physically meeting with (a number of) team members can work miracles. That's why at ubeon, it can go differently!

With our hybrid meetings you can discover all the advantages of connecting online and live with colleagues or customers.

Hybride meetings at ubeon


The Oosterhoeve Theater is a multifunctional space for presentations and workshops. This space is specially equipped for easy video recording.

This space was named 'Theater' because it is centrally located and typically equipped as a 'Black Box' theater. This means that no lavish decoration was used, but rather a simple dressing with black cloth. This makes the Theater perfect for shooting for videos of workshops and other performances.


The Oosterhoeve Lodge is a cozy multifunctional space for meetings and workshops. This room is specially equipped for brainstorming sessions.

This room was given the name Lodge because it is situated higher than the other rooms. After all, the theater theme forms a common thread in the Oosterhoeve. The original trusses of the roof are clearly visible and give the room an authentic cozy character. Ideal for boardroom meetings, board meetings, film projections, presentations and brainstorming sessions.

Côté Cour       & Côté Jardin

The Oosterhoeve Côté Cour and Côté Jardin are pleasant meeting rooms for meetings, private meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions. Groups of up to 6 people can meet there comfortably.


When renting the Theater or the Lodge, our Foyer is provided free of charge. This pleasant space is suitable for welcoming guests, receptions and walking dinners.


Finally, Oosterhoeve has pleasant workstations with all office services (internet, telephone, printer, etc.). On request, a (temporary) workplace can be booked. For ubeon members the Flexoffice is continuously available.

Reception services

For organizations booking a room, we can also provide:

  • reception and registration of participants
  • catering
  • parking guidance