Share your knowledge and experiences and learn in 8 "DO" sessions per year - themes brought in by participants
8 times a year Hugo moderates an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (executive)employees. The themes, general and common to several SME companies, are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants.

The goal is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing about this is that you can learn from the setbacks and successes of a colleague. Additionally, it is important to test certain challenges in a closed circle. Many things are possible, nothing is required, all this is in strong respect and trust with and for each other. Hugo also ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

This LiLoLe program consists of 8 sessions that take place throughout 2021.

When you sign up for the full program, you only pay €115 instead of €125 per session.

Moreover, you can appeal to the SME wallet of the Flemish Government. This means you only pay 70% of the total amount, the other 30% is subsidized by the Flemish Government. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Programma of 2021:

1. Wednesday 20/01/2021

Topic: What can, may and need you bring at the close of the calendar year concerning Corona
Location: ubeon (Oosterzele)
Case holder: TBD
Silent supervisor: Daniël Maes (ubeon)
2. Wednesday 17/02/2021

Topic: How to communicate regarding planning with customers/employees and is there a difference between providing services or products?
Location: In2Concrete (Oosterzele)
Case holder: Koenraad Boel ann/or Thomas Dewitte (In2Concrete)
Silent supervisor: TBD
3. Wednesday 17/03/2021

Topic: How do you do a periodical insurance scan?
Location: Windofin (Scheldewindeke)
Case holder: Katty De Praeter (Windofin)
Silent supervisor: TBD
4. Wednesday 14/04/2021

Topic: How long do you invest in the education of a new employee? When do you stop? How much can it cost?
Location: Baker Tilly (Melle)
Case holder: Frederik Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Lieven Nissens (Baker Tilly)
5. Wednesday 12/05/2021

Topic: How and why sustainable, timeless (re)investment in (commercial) buildings?
Location: Viewing house Matrix or Notary Dewulf (Oostakker)
Case holder: Tom Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Henk Van Thuyne (architect) en Alex Dewulf (notary)
6. Wednesday 15/09/2021

Topic: How to restart or relaunch a new company (in a different sector)?
Location: TBD
Case holder: Wauter Muys 
Silent supervisor: Bob Cornelis (ubeon)
7. Wednesday 20/10/2021

Topic: How to research the needs and desires of a personalized long-term relationship with customers/stakeholders
Location: Garage D'Hondt (Zottegem)
Case holder: Peter D'Haese
Silent supervisor: Steffert Vaneste (Steam Clothing)
8. Thursday 18/11/2021

Topic: How do you leverage accumulated data from prospects and customers?
Location: Het Zoeteke (Oosterzele)
Caseholder: Hugo & Carine (Het Zoeteke)
Silent supervisor: Tom Commeine (Freedelity)

Quotes from 2019/2020:

Very interesting group with lots of openness to learn from each other.

Great location and great interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge!

You learn incredibly in a short time and in a very fun way!

Super location and excellent interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge - always an added value!