If you want to give your self-confidence a boost, then discover with this workshop how you can give the best of yourself every time. What will you learn in this workshop?

understand your own context
learn to deal with your own convictions
recognise and apply awareness processes
work together on the basis of your own experiences
recognise and apply frames of mind

your own power is greater than you think. In this workshop you will learn how to give direction to your daily life and how to take matters into your own hands. 


What can you do to get a grip on your daily life?

After this workshop you know:

which tools you can use to understand yourself better
how strong self-reflection can be
how to apply the right mindset
how to erase bad thinking patterns
Learn how to contribute constructively to your organisation and your home environment with this workshop 'from cooperation to collaboration'.  

Learn in this workshop how to approach a consultation in a meaningful and effective way, easily achieving an open dialogue.  

Discover in this workshop all the tips and tricks to adopt the right coaching attitude as a manager and get started with the right mindset!  

Learn how to approach a negotiation in a constructive way and to strive for a compromise and a situation that suits both parties.  


On Friday, May 7, 2021 RESET, ubeon is launching a virtual congress 'RESET'. About ten experts will each give a 20-minute presentation on how to efficiently deal with the new online environment and with change. Because of the pandemic, we were all dropped into an online environment. Try it, working online, especially if you did it little or never before. Our work environments have completely changed. We are moving towards a future with a constantly changing mix of live and virtual work - the new normal.

At ubeon, we quickly noticed that many were missing out on great online opportunities. We shared tips with each other and were able to get started with more self-confidence.  What we learned along the way we would like to share with you.

Learn from our experts, network with them and with the other participants and also share your experiences and ideas.

Discover all speakers and register soon!
Learn powerful techniques to make deep and lasting changes! During this two-day Coaching Masterclass 'Deep Change' you will learn how to create deep and lasting change in other people as a manager, executive, coach or change facilitator.

You will learn powerful psychological principles and techniques that you can apply both in individual coaching conversations and in team contexts.

With these techniques you will learn:

remove barriers to change
change denial, disbelief, incomprehension or other resistance
create space for change
increase involvement and commitment
stimulate creativity and the ability to solve problems themselves
maintain a learning attitude
reframe limiting beliefs
generate a positive mindset
promote trust

Profound personal and organizational change has become essential to keep up with a rapidly changing world. Profound change means an irreversible, radical change that occurs from within. The methods taught are based on systems science and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others.

Deep Coaching Masterclass

This Deep Coaching Masterclass is meant for further development. People who already have a background in coaching, facilitation, and/or related techniques will be able to deepen their skills.

Blended learning

From the moment you enroll you will have access to the following resources:

the hand-out in PDF format;
online training video's;
handy templates.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainer(s).
On 22/4/2021 Dr. Luc Swinnen organizes his 7th congress: 'The brain in the 21st century' We are very happy to offer our congress on 22/04/2020

Given the current measures of the government, this event will be streamed. This way you can experience everything in the comfort of your own living room with a group of well-known national and international speakers. You can watch the films again one to one month after the congress.

In the morning, the main focus will be on resources and tools that will be indispensable at that time.

In the afternoon, we will all be able to take a look at the 21st century with its AI, robots, exoskeletons, sensors in clothing and wearables. What makes sense and what doesn't? How can we best prepare ourselves? And what do we do to adapt and keep our brains in shape? Because all these technical gadgets may not be a threat at all to people who have a vital brain. And this congress will certainly help you with that.


GINA PEETERS, better known as Geena Lisa, is our new conference chairman. Gina has changed direction in her career as a presenter, broadcaster and actress and is now a coach at VRT. She teaches cognitive behavioral therapy, stands for stress and burnout prevention and gives heart coherence training. "It is good to dare to evolve and to look at what gives you energy."

FONS LEROY was at the head of the VDAB for more than 10 years. No one is better placed to describe how artificial intelligence will change our work and our way of thinking. "A third of the jobs in 2030 don't exist today," he said.
"Robots are our new colleagues."

FANNY MATHEUSEN has been providing training and coaching for over 20 years.

She is a practitioner, instructor and supervisor in the Deep Democracy Lewis method. She is the only trainer in Belgium to give the Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 trainings. Besides trainer, she is an experienced coach, facilitating group processes with the deep democracy method.

In leadership and in conversations, every perspective is important. Everyone is different and can optimize the quality of dialogue, consultation and decisions. It is "deep" because it goes beyond many traditional facilitation methodologies. Fanny brings this important subject matter in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and also with the necessary humor. The method is used in 20 countries around the world in various fields: business, education, healthcare, mediation, family counseling, partner counseling, politics.

LUC VAN IMSCHOOT is a laughter animator. Grease your laughing muscles.

Dr. LUC SWINNEN introduction is unnecessary. He is a specialist in the study of the workings of the brain, burnout and stress management. Already 20 years. He is also the author of 7 books and is a well-known speaker nationally and internationally. He is an organizer of lectures, seminars and this congress. (Of course with the help of Eddy Vandenbriele who will take care of all the paperwork).

Keynote: PROFESSOR DR ROSA MARIO BANOS is professor of psychopathology at the University of Valencia and head of the LabPsiTec-Valencia Research Group.

She is also Vice President and Head of several Spanish and European research programs related to cybertherapy. She works on our mental health and coaching techniques through computer science and communication techniques. She is the author of more than 300 articles and books in this field. As an international expert in this field, we brought her from Valencia to Brussels. In the house of the future of course. Everything is interactive and humorous.


All presentations are streamed. You can revisit the presentations for another month.


10.00 - 10.15 Introduction of the Congress by Gina Peeters.
10.15 - 11.00 Fons Leroy: how will artificial intelligence revolutionize the labor market? Will our brain be able to follow?
11.00 - 12.00 Fanny Matheusen highlights Deep Democracy. A modern form of communication.
12.00 - 12.15 Gina Lisa. Connection and heart coherence.
12.15 - 13.30 Pause
13.30 - 14.30 Luc Swinnen: lessons for our brain in the 21st century. Resilience in the future, tackling burn-out, the wandering nerve and a number of resources we will need to have at our disposal. Our brain is a network that has everything to offer. Just a little reset and tackle our autonomic nervous system as well. A range of practical tips.
14.35 - 15.35 Keynote Prof Dr. Rosa Maria Banos speaks on "Mental Health and Technologies: a relationship with a promising future." Prof Banos will entertainingly explain to us how the internet, smartphones, sensors, virtual reality and augmented reality are useful tools that contribute greatly to keeping our brain vital. You will be amazed at how the new technology can support anyone working with the mental well-being of their clients and patients.
15.35 - 16.00 Q&A and closing of the Congress.
Our laughter animator Luc Van Imschoot closes each session or with a thunderous refreshment of your laughing muscles.

195 euro ex. VAT. After 31/03 the price will be 225 euro ex.

Take timely action. This is a unique opportunity. Our specialist Maria Rosa Banos will not be seen by the general public after this event.

You can enroll by mailing

Please include your name and address, possibly company name and VAT and don't forget to mention your telephone. Eddy will ensure a flawless finish.

Learn to use advanced systemic principles and techniques to drive an organizational or team culture in a desired direction. During this two-day Coaching Masterclass 'Deep Culture' you will learn how to move the mindset and culture in people and teams towards specific goals as a manager, executive, coach or change facilitator.

You will get to work with principles and techniques from memetics, systems science and family therapy that work with both individuals and teams.

With these techniques you will learn:

Recognize the different levels in culture and structure
How limiting mindsets manifest themselves in negative patterns of behavior
Use easy tools to adjust mindsets
Stimulate intrinsic motivation
How to actively involve people in commitment and ownership
Create a generative field with
Build powerful positive emotional attractors by means of
Empowering values and stories
Apply self-organizing principles
Stimulate self-solving capacity
Instead of focusing purely on behavior and behavioral change, you learn to work on deeper structures. Culture becomes for you a concept with concrete tools. With the help of these tools, you will be able to bring about cultural change in no time because you will see and understand the systemic interactions.

Deep Coaching Masterclass

This Deep Coaching Masterclass is intended for further development. People who already have a background in coaching, facilitation, change management and/or related techniques will be able to further deepen their skills.

Blended learning

From the moment you register, you will have access to the following resources:

The handout in PDF format;
Online training videos;
Handy templates.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainer(s).
Experience FLOW in everything you do. Get more energy, more focus, and achieve better results, both personally and professionally. Take the wheel of your life. Integrate FLOW.

Learn how to provide yourself with life, experiences and activities

That give you energy;
Where you can get your full potential;
Where you no longer experience obstacles that you put on yourself.
Get rid of energy loss, boredom, frustration, and substandard results NOW! Discover the FLOW code and improve the quality of your life, your relationships, and your experiences. Purely with your own strength! 

We teach you new habits and behaviors, which you will already be able to practice in the Zoominar, and give you everything you need to easily integrate them into your daily life.
The workshops are supported by an app (separate subscription), which offers you a multitude of exercises, triggers, flows and workouts to get started.
Choose for a workshop of one day, or for 4 workshops of 2 hours
Discover the FLOW state

Experience the FLOW dimension, in which we make giant strides in our level of fulfillment, in a direction we didn't even dare dream of.

Develop a FLOW personality

We will go over the basic mapping of the flow personality and outline the basic components needed to gradually build your FLOW personality.

Integrate the FLOW alignments

We will teach you the four main sources of FLOW triggers.
You will learn how to be fully immersed in the present experience, and how to create a mentally and emotionally safe inner perception framework.

Adopt the FLOW mindset

Change the way you think to be in line with the characteristics of FLOW.  If we want to find FLOW, we must first develop the flow-fit mindset.

We will teach you new habits and behaviors, which you will already be able to practice in the Zoominar, and give you everything you need to easily integrate them into your daily life.

The workshops are supported by an app (separate subscription), which offers you a multitude of exercises, triggers, flows and workouts to get started. You get 1 month of free access to FlowHub7, and can thus enjoy all the benefits of the app to achieve your FLOW.

Advanced workshop series for experienced coaches and change facilitators In the courses Deep Coaching Masterclasses you will further build your skillset as coach, facilitator, executive or manager with science-based techniques from systems science, positive psychology, communication science, and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others.

From this solid foundation, you will learn easily deployable techniques to create change in people and teams.

Each Deep Coaching Masterclass has its own angle with specific objectives:

Deep Trance
Learn powerful techniques for opening and deepening conversations.

Deep Change
Create deep and lasting changes in people and teams.

Deep Culture
Learn to lead an organizational or team culture in a desired direction with systemic techniques

The application possibilities are as rich as your own creativity allows.

Deep Coaching Masterclasses

These Deep Coaching Masterclasses are intended for further development. People who already have a background in coaching, facilitation or related will be able to further deepen their skills.

Blended learning

From the time you enroll, you will have access to the following resources:

the hand-outs in PDF format;
online training video's;
handy templates.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainer(s).

The world viewed through the lens of the wandering nerve: nine days polyvagal
Where and how can we see real threats?
How do we delete old traumas or unpleasant experiences?
Where and how do we find the signals of safety?
How do we increase our resilience?
What is that really: fight, flight and freeze?
How do I establish good relationships?
What is a safe and efficient team?
What is the vagal brake?
What is the social engagement system?
What are shimmers? How can I avoid fatigue?
How can I increase my immunity? How do I avoid burnout?
How do I avoid headaches, neck pain, muscle aches and other annoying ailments?



Have you ever experienced that for some incomprehensible reason you suddenly feel unsafe during a conversation or during a party or an outing? Or that you are present at a meeting but your opinion is ignored? Or worse, you fall completely silent and hardly dare to move? Have you experienced traumas in your life or do you sleep badly? Or do you go through many periods with intense fears or worries? Or pains and fatigue?

Scientific research proves that about 60% of people suffer from past minor or pronounced traumas. And they carry that with them for an entire lifetime.

Did you know that this has a huge impact on your immunity? And on the development of burnout and the reduction of your resilience?

Here you can learn the perfect method to make an important conversation, a coaching session or an important assignment go smoothly and safely. 

These problems can easily be avoided with the help of our nervous system and more specifically with the help of the wandering nerve. Once you realize that, all those complaints disappear like snow in the sun. And then you go through life quietly with valuable connections and maybe even with the perfect job and fantastic health.

We all possess a wandering nerve that lurks throughout the day to detect pain and danger. And especially to improve our connections and confidence or our resilience and immunity. Process unpleasant experiences, connect with other people, live healthy and improve your resilience.


This year we are planning a year-long training, a true specialization with a short recap and lots of new and exciting info on polyvagal theory.

We will have a virtual zoom session in February, March, April, May and June and further in September, October and November. And then we will organize another festive day at the end of 2021 ( hopefully the virus will be gone by then) with exercises and a festive distribution of the year certificates. Then you are a true specialist.

Enrollments for this course are done directly through Luc Swinnen - The use of the SME Portfolio is not possible.

What the heck is NLP and why should I learn it? NLP stands for "Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Another flag may be 'Natural Life Processes'. After all, that's what it's all about.

"It is the manual for life, which we should really be obliged to give to everyone," said one of our trainees recently.

"There's my life before NLP and my life after NLP," said another student, "and with what I know now, I should have done this a lot sooner," she added.

NLP provides insights that make you more aware of yourself, others and the world you live in. In both your private and professional life, NLP provides less stress, more freedom and maximum self-control. Thanks to NLP you will be able to tell yourself a completely different story, which will allow you to get the best out of this life in total harmony, even more than before. NLP will undoubtedly bring about a turnaround. It is therefore quite normal that you want to taste it first, before you take the leap.

Brain Pirates will introduce you to what NLP will do for you during this initiation event. Register now via the button below and get ready for numerous AHA moments!

With NLP you convince people, communicate better and develop levers to achieve your goals faster. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches you to look at the world around you in a new way. You will get a better view and grip of what is happening to yourself and others, thus making your own communication and leadership more effective. In our NLP trainings, we put a lot of emphasis on direct applications of NLP techniques to the situations you as a participant will encounter yourself.

After this training you will be able to:

Perceive cognitive patterns and preferences through verbal and nonverbal cues
Appreciate and influence perceptions and mental models
Evoke, direct and anchor powerful mental and emotional states
Formulate and achieve objectives more effectively
Reframe limiting beliefs
Recognize and reverse thinking errors
Build and maintain interpersonal boundaries
Solve dilemmas
Apply various NLP techniques as tools for coaching and change

The NLP Practitioner Flex course consists of 16 half-day sessions. These sessions are flexibly scheduled as half-days, evenings and/or full days. Scheduling is flexible, in mutual agreement between participants and trainers.

Module 1: Awareness of yourself and others

Discover with NLP how people think.
Learn to calibrate cognitive patterns and preferences based on verbal and nonverbal cues.
Learn techniques to tune into these preferences and build rapport.
Improve the quality of your perceptions.
Discover particularly effective and empowering principles for communication, decision-making, goals, and interactions with other people.
Integrate your abilities to think, feel and act.
Ensure alignment at all logical levels: environment, behavior, competencies, values, beliefs, identity and meaning.
Module 2: Emotional intelligence

Learn to empathize with various perceptual positions.
Consciously take mental and emotional distance from difficult or traumatic experiences.
Discover the power of mental, emotional '' and learn how to influence it.
Develop yourself powerful mental and emotional '' for, presence and charisma.
Build-in emotional triggers using anchoring and other conditioning techniques.
Connect and deepen and integrate them through S.C.O.R.E. conversation and coaching techniques.
Learn to properly articulate goals and desired outcomes.
Stimulate intrinsic motivation and give it direction in yourself and others.
Evoke resource states in order to overcome obstacles and realize desired outcomes.
Module 3: Language and thinking strategies

Discover the (unconscious) depth structure in language
Learn to intercept cognitive errors using the neurolinguistic Meta Model.
Frame and reframe limiting statements.
Learn the first steps to modeling patterns of success.
Utilize successful strategies for learning and change such as the Disney Strategy.
Module 4: Leadership, integrity, conflicts en dilemma's

Cultivate healthy interpersonal boundaries.
Cultivate authentic, high integrity.
Learn to communicate nonviolently.
Learn to coach and mediate in conflicts.
Deal more effectively with your own conflict situations.
Learn to coach people who struggle with dilemmas (internal conflicts).
Coach with the help of timelines.
Module 5: Integration en Certification

Integrate your newly acquired NLP insights and techniques and learn to apply them in numerous situations.
You will receive feedback on your own NLP skills.
After a successful demonstration, you will receive your NLP Practitioner certificate!
Blended learning

From the time you register you will have access to the following resources:

The syllabus in e-book format;
Online training videos and demos;
An online library of worked-out exercises and NLP procedures;
One individual coaching session, to be arranged with one of the trainers/coaches.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start your NLP Practitioner training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our NLP trainers. The 'live' training sessions are mainly focused on interaction and learning to apply the NLP techniques in practice.


The planning of the training sessions is done in mutual agreement so that it best fits the agendas of the participants. Therefore, the number of places is limited.

The next groups will start on the dates below.