Breinpiraten - Summer School  

Tijdens onze summer school kan je 5 ongelofelijk interessante workshops volgen voor slechts €95/workshop (incl. BTW) of maar €450 voor alle workshops samen.

Schrijf je je in voor 21Juli 2022, geniet je van extra voordeel! €90/workshop (incl. BTW)

Advanced workshop series for experienced coaches and change facilitators In the courses Deep Coaching Masterclasses you will further build your skillset as coach, facilitator, executive or manager with science-based techniques from systems science, positive psychology, communication science, and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others.

From this solid foundation, you will learn easily deployable techniques to create change in people and teams.

Each Deep Coaching Masterclass has its own angle with specific objectives:

Deep Trance
Learn powerful techniques for opening and deepening conversations.

Deep Change
Create deep and lasting changes in people and teams.

Deep Culture
Learn to lead an organizational or team culture in a desired direction with systemic techniques

The application possibilities are as rich as your own creativity allows.

Deep Coaching Masterclasses

These Deep Coaching Masterclasses are intended for further development. People who already have a background in coaching, facilitation or related will be able to further deepen their skills.

Blended learning

From the time you enroll, you will have access to the following resources:

the hand-outs in PDF format;
online training video's;
handy templates.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainer(s).