Jeroen Caluwé is co-founder of Voetvorm, where he is responsible for marketing and communication. He is also a freelance communications consultant for various clients within his own company Copy That. Jeroen graduated in 1998 as a licensed English-Spanish translator, was for a time a freelance language trainer, an attaché for communication policy at the federal government and is now a communication consultant at Copy That.

He took several courses, from branding communication to a postgraduate degree in digital marketing and from inspirational coaching to NLP.

Jeroen helps you with

Setting up and monitoring marketing campaigns,
Defining and positioning your brand
Aligning your communication with your identity
Copywriting campaigns in function of all possible on- and offline channels
Stefaan Vandooren guides medium-sized companies in setting up and improving their Supply Chain in a local and international context. Stefaan Vandooren has extensive experience in warehouse and inventory management, planning, forecasting and transportation.

Stefaan completed an IT education and first worked as an analyst-programmer. He developed and implemented various software for forecasting and inventory management.

After several (management) courses, Stefaan worked as a manager including forecasting, logistics and supply chain at several large international companies. He implemented new inventory management models, transferred the supply chain philosophy and improved the efficiency of warehouses, processes, organization ...

Stefaan's powerful outside-the-box thinking came from a combination of analytical thinking and creativity. He learned to bridge the gap between management, business operations and IT.

Now Stefaan independently provides coaching and training in supply chain management and you can engage him as a consultant, interim or project manager.

Companies are faced with rapidly changing markets, new regulations and evolving technologies. This means: always an opportunity for improvement.

Stefaan has been internationally active in Supply Chain Management for over twenty years. As a Change Manager, he makes the link between IT, Operational and Strategic Management, e.g. in the context of:

implementation of (new) software, techniques and technologies
competitive advantage through efficiency improvements
restructuring of the supply chain
He achieves strategic objectives by aligning and embedding organization, processes, systems and people in your business. This ensures sustainability, continuity and improved results.

Stefaan helps to convey the 'big picture' while going into detail. He efficiently applies the new ideas, principles and regulations and integrates them into the specific context of your company.

Stefaan wrote a book on Change Management in collaboration with Mark Coenen.

Some satisfied readers about Stefaan's book (Dutch) 'Succesvol verandering implementeren':

Oh no, just another book about change, there we go again from "as is to to be". I confess, I was wrong. This book is a powerful tool. Read it and use it; your company, your employees and yourself will benefit." - M. Van den Steen

'In change, you walk an ... unknown path', so write the authors of this book. And they are right. After all, a change process is not an improvement process (improve what we already do), it is a learning process (find and take different paths). In other words, we let go of our carefully constructed hold on the past. - Prof. Herman Van den Broeck

This book is an easy read and the many practical examples are recognizable and inspiring. (...) They help us to see things in perspective and to take a broader view. Thanks for sharing! - K. Van Belle