A sharp vision of the new normal.

Because of the pandemic, we were all dropped into an online environment. Do it, working online, even if you did it little or never before. Our work environments have completely changed. We are moving towards a future with a constantly changing mix of live and virtual work - the new normal.

At ubeon, we quickly noticed that many were missing out on great online opportunities. We shared tips with each other and were able to get started with more self-confidence.  What we learned along the way we would like to share with you.

That's why we are launching RESET, a virtual congress, on Friday, May 7, 2021. About ten experts will each spend about twenty minutes telling you how you can efficiently deal with the new online environment and with change.

Learn from them, network with them and with the other participants and also share your experiences and ideas.

Speakers & Themes

It isn’t a risky business,
it’s a different strategy

Peter Blokland

8:00 - 8:30

Peter Blokland makes sure entrepreneurs learn to better balance risks and rewards. Online communication brings along many threats.  Peter introduces a management method that arms companies against unforeseen circumstances and ensures sustainable growth.

Peter Blokland
Guy Svhuermans

Successful entrepreneurship in the pepper country

Guy Schuermans

With a large network in different countries and different cultures, Guy knows better than anyone how the virtual thing has simplified and reduced the world.

He is a very optimistic person who sees the future through rose-colored glasses. He advises as an entrepreneur to entrepreneur and gives you tips related to your virtual future.

Implement successful change

Stefaan Vandooren

Stefaan recently published a book on Change management. By means of a matrix, he helps you to raise the probability of successful change. In a pragmatic way he highlights especially the HUMAN in its various aspects to achieve the desired RESULT.

More info on this book (Dutch) using this link.

Stefaan Vandooren
Marc Van den Steen

Longing for change

Marc Van den Steen

9:30 - 10:00

Marc, like many other entrepreneurs, faced the abrupt switch to the online scene. As a change expert, he tells how a number of companies reinvented themselves. Learn from those stories how you too can best handle radical change with your business.

Start To Thrive

Steff Vanhaverbeke & Evelien Van Dyck

During Start To Thrive, Steff and Evelien talk about positive focus. Learn from them how you can help each other lower your stress levels in these exhausting times to create opportunities together.

We note that people are more bonded than ever. By working together you create new opportunities for self-development and authenticity.

Evelien Van Dyck
Helena Demuynck

Systemic and transformational coaching

Helena Demuynck

For tips and tricks on how to make your daily life less stressful, Helena is the one to contact. She herself lives in Spain and occupies the country from there. Helena supports the leadership development of executives both at home and abroad.

Bringing your offer online (MARS Online)

Marsmannen — Robin Maes, Jeroen Caluwé, Hans Demeyer & Steff Vanhaverbeke

11:00 - 11:30

Would you like to improve your online offer? Robin, Jeroen, Hans and Steff are an enthusiastic team of online experts. They offer you inspiration on the topic of 'bringing your offer online attractively'.

More information and trainings

The Marsmannen
Francis Demuynck

More security in unsecure times

Francis Demuynck

11:30 - 12:00

Francis Demuynck creates a customized management reporting for your company. He examines the needs and gets to work with the data of your company. In addition, he has recently started to develop a new concept, Kofonds. With Kofonds, Francis wants to give self-employed people more certainty about their guaranteed income. He will present this idea and its development during the Reset event.

More information

Progress and prosperity
aided by state management

Koen Callaerts

Koen is an experienced coach and trainer who helps people to become more aware of their own organizational blindness. Here he goes through the subjective experience of a person. He analyzed how the brain works and thus developed various techniques and methods to teach people to deal better with the virtual shift.

Koen Callaerts
Evelien and Stephan


Start To Thrive

Steff Vanhaverbeke & Evelien Van Dyck

During Start To Thrive, Steff and Evelien talk about positive focus. Learn from them how you can help each other lower your stress levels in these exhausting times to create opportunities together. We note that people are more bonded than ever. By working together you create new opportunities for self-development and authenticity.

Burn-out due to increased stress

Dr. Luc Swinnen

Burnout is creating its own pandemic in this corona pandemic. Luc Swinnen is a doctor, licentiate in insurance medicine and statistician.

He has also conducted thorough research into stress and is a burnout specialist. He has developed his own method to actually adjust the way our brain works. He explains this aspect more in this session.

Luc Swinnen
Katty De Praeter

Dancing through your
financial lifeplanning

Katty De Praeter

Katty knows all about wealth accumulation, protection, management and transfer of businesses. She makes sure that you use the assets of your business to make a positive impact on your life.

In addition, Katty also gives you tips on how to better use online communication as a business. This way, you and your business will be more effective in reaching your goals.

Guiding organizations in change

Bob Cornelis

14:30 - 15:00

As an expert in supply chain management, Bob has been able to help various companies from different sectors with his knowledge. This mainly in logistical areas, but also with impact on all other areas such as sales, HR, production and so on.

People and systems are constantly changing and the supply chain has a very big impact on this. Bob explains this aspect in an interview and gives a number of tips to optimize the strong impact of digitization on logistics and customer satisfaction. 

Bob Cornelis
The Brainpirates

Exploring the digital environment

Brainpirates — Koen Callaerts, Hans Demeyer & Steff Vanhaverbeke

15:00 - 15:30

The brain pirates are a cordial group of three specialists: Koen, Hans and Steff. They help you find insights with a big impact on your brain. They achieve this by thinking, feeling and doing things creatively. Taking the initiative is essential.

More information and trainings

Development of individuals and organizations

Thomas Calis

As an engineer, Thomas is naturally strong in understanding, improving and connecting systems. This is where everything starts! Every organization needs a widely supported goal and only when every employee chisels this goal on his tombstone, Bob is satisfied.

This is a necessary condition for further personal growth and the growth of the organization. Curious about how you can work better with people and win their trust?  Then this topic is definitely worth checking out. 

Thomas Calis
Hugo Verstraeten

Problem solving thinking,
it does not pose a problem

Hugo Verstraeten

Problem solving is more than just solving a problem. Hugo shows us how to seize new opportunities. It doesn't stop there. You learn how to take big steps forward in an easy way - with small, flexible adjustments.

Bingify your
Online Events & Meetings

Hans Demeyer & Steff Vanhaverbeke

16:30 - 17:00

If you want to know how to keep your viewer's attention on your virtual channels, then you should definitely follow the expert explanation of Hans and Steff. Hans and Steff are two enthusiastic experts in the field of online events. Learn from them how to make your viewers binge watch the episodes of your story.

Mor information and trainings

Hans Demeyer
Stephen Decoussemaker

Implementing change for growth

Stephen Decoussemaker

17:00 - 17:30

Future-oriented companies need to develop resilience at an ever-faster rate to deal with crises, as well as increase their agility to respond to opportunities as they arise. This means that companies must undergo more and more change, and do so at an ever-increasing pace. During Reset, Stephen will share the observations he has made in his field of work and the many tips he has been able to compile.

RESET on 7 May 2020

  • Online congres
  • 12 themes
  • 12 speakers
  • Virtual networklounge with speakers and other participants



  • Start at 8u00
  • Price: 75 euro
  • Location: MS Teams


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