Make better decisions! Particularly when things are uncertain or unclear. For Managers and Business Owners.
Have you ever regretted a decision? Or has an employee's decision ever gotten you or your organization into trouble or caused harm?

What could it mean for your organization if better decisions were made at all levels? Or what if decisions were always made in the best interest of the organization?

How can you be sufficiently confident that your decisions will ultimately achieve the desired results?

In this Masterclass, you will be introduced to a proven method, based on common sense.

It is a system that has been used for many years by the management of larger and international companies to achieve goals with considerably more certainty.

This method can be used by anyone and contains a number of principles, a framework and a process that helps you to make better decisions. Thus it allows you to create and protect value for your organization.

If you want to know more about it don't hesitate to register for this online master class in the form of a Teams meeting with presentation.

Topics to be covered:

What is the effect of uncertainty on objectives?
How can you deal with this effect of uncertainty on goals?
What is actually the purpose of "better decision making" and what principles support "better decision making"?
How can you integrate "better decision making" at all levels in your organization?
What process can you use that will help you and your employees make better decisions?
What is the importance of dialogue on better decision making?
The Disney strategy and how to link it to the decision-making process.
Course materials (included in the price)

Handout of the presentation sent in pdf
Background information as additional course material
Book "Total Respect Management" (Blokland & Reniers, 2013)
Associated inspiration cube (€ 75.00)