As a certified trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively. Steff started her first business in 1993. She built up extensive experience in the marketing and communication sector and founded the training and consulting company ubeon in 2004.

She has been providing training in communication since 1997. Her extensive experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator is reflected in a great flexibility towards working methods.

As a certified trainer, Steff combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with systems theory. By applying these principles and techniques, a new space is created where ideas, trust, cooperation and a shared vision emerge spontaneously. This 'generative field' has a stimulating and motivating effect on each individual participant and the whole. Problems become options. Options become opportunities for personal and professional development and growth.

Since 2010 Steff focuses on coaching people and teams in medium and large organizations so that they are also able to work together in a sustainable way.


You can contact Thomas for a coaching program with Sustatool, the preparation of a Common Good Balance sheet of your organization and the coaching of technical profiles to authentic leadership. As an engineer, Thomas is naturally strong in understanding, improving and connecting systems.

Putting these talents to work for 10 years at the Belgian company SecureLink made him part of a spectacular growth story.

During this growth Thomas learned to understand, support and connect people in addition to technology.

Since then, he has been teaching about management and organizations and helping organizations to find their link back to the larger system.

Purpose (Globe + It)

An organization needs a widely supported purpose. This purpose must be supported (together) and go beyond the organization (contribute to all stakeholders).

I don't care what you call it: purpose, mission, raison d'être, BHAG, long-term strategy, ...

Only when every employee wants to chisel this purpose on his tombstone, I am satisfied.

Trust (We)

An organization consists of people.

People work together best on the basis of trust.

Trust grows out of competence, loyalty and integrity.

Trust is daring to be vulnerable with each other and results in doing the right thing even without control.

Trust is vulnerable.

Trust is contagious.

I help people in an organization to work together on the basis of trust.

Confidence (Me)

Me = Ok ?

Everything starts with this.
A necessary condition for further personal growth and growth of the organization.


Are you looking for a unique experience that reduces stress, expands your mind and loosens your laughter muscles? Luc will teach you to laugh for no reason in a laughter workshop. From sales representative to entrepreneur

Luc started his career as a representative for Colbrandt, a company selling car radiators. When Colbrandt went bankrupt after 10 years, Luc started his own company: Airco- en Radiatoren Centrum Gent. Later he took over Christal BVBA, a company that specialized in car radiators. Luc sold the ARC Gent in January 2013.

Laughing Club Destelbergen and Ghent

In 2005 Luc started a laughter club in Destelbergen and Gent ( In 2006 he followed a laughter training with Dr. Kataria (Paris) and in 2009 a two-year training as creative agogist at Balans (Ghent).

Luc Van Imschoot is a certified laughter yoga facilitator, certified laughter teacher and certified creative agogist. He offers accessible, low-threshold one-hour workshops on:

laughing without reason
team spirit
feeling good about yourself
Laughing without reason

With Luc you will learn to laugh without a reason. In this way you can manage stress, strengthen the mutual bonds within teams and stimulate creativity in your organization. A laughter workshop is ideal at the start or end of a teambuilding, study day, workshop or meeting.

Companies, associations, schools and institutions choose Luc for his contagious presence and natural, unforced personality.
When you meet Hugo, you also meet his extensive network. Due to his years of commitment to various networking organizations and platforms, Hugo is known as 'the' networker of Flanders. Hugo moderates 8 x per year an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (managing) employees. Themes are general and common in several SME companies. 

The themes are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants. The intention is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing is that you can learn from setbacks and successes of a colleague. 

It is also important that you can test certain challenges in a closed circle.  Much is possible, nothing is required and all this in a strong respect and trust with and for each other.  Hugo ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

Hugo ensures that entrepreneurs (especially SMEs) have time for their core business.

Hugo as a generalist 'pure sang' is asked to:

Look for creative simple (cheap) solutions to optimize daily operations (increase turnover, targeted promotional actions, reduce costs, increase turnover, monitor pricing, customer management, ....)
Grow the staff from employees to co-workers in the company, especially by increasing the cooperation between the employees and the management, for example by
implementing and following up on employee startups;
formal interviews based on predefined functional performance objectives;
competence management and associated tools (training/guidance) to maintain and grow the level of employees. Added value for employees = added value for the company;
regular informal (planned) activities (personally oriented simple team buildings (read warm/personal welcome by the manager);

Tools Hugo uses include:
elaboration of a SWOT (strength/weakness) analysis
SCRA (Symptom, Cause, Remedy and Actions) where people from various companies and sectors meet, exchange expertise and learn to work together.

Besides organizing these platforms and attracting professionals, Hugo can also act as a networker and facilitator.

Finally, Hugo has a wide network of press relations, which can directly contribute to the enhancement of the corporate image.

As IT project and change manager, Erik Lauwers ensures the successful integration of IT systems by giving extra substance to better cooperation between the various stakeholders. Since 2009 he has coached over 600 people in teams and individuals under the EquiCircles banner. Erik Lauwers already delivered 60+ metaprofile analyses that gave his clients a better understanding of their own thinking and that of their colleagues and teams. In addition, he is the driving force behind GoLive! : ubeon's collaboration platform of independent professionals and has a knack for developing tools that support the business of independents and collaboration.

As Senior Project Manager for General Motors Europe, Erik was responsible for the roll-out of the global HR system in 10 European countries, within a BPO contract. Important here were the restoration and facilitation of collaborative relationships between the actors within projects and operational areas in an HR context. The spread across different locations, companies and cultures increased the complexity of this assignment.

As Functional Application Manager for Ernst & Young (Netherlands), Erik took care of the management of all changes, releases, maintenance and projects of the HR system. Also the organization of problem handling, process management for application management and methodology development were important result areas.

As Project Manager for Erik Lauwers took care of the worldwide deployment of travel websites in 20 countries. This project included not only website-related workflows but also marketing, fullfillment partners, etc.

More than two thirds of IT system implementations 'go wrong' somewhere because insufficient attention is paid to integration after completion of the IT project. However, the completion of an implementation project means the beginning of the real work for the organization that will have to integrate the change to realize the benefits. Good collaboration is more than a prerequisite for this. It is a lever with impact throughout the organization.

Next to his expertise in IT-implementation projects, Erik Lauwers developed EquiCircles(*), a unique teambuilding that strengthens the collaborative attitude on a conscious and subconscious level. This way teams increase their innovative, problem-solving and self-managing capabilities.

Erik Lauwers has been a GoLive! business coach for years. He also helps self-employed people and SMEs to save time by automating their business systems.

(*)EquiCircles is a series of innovative team coaching formulas in which the collaborative attitude is addressed and deepened. A powerful mix of NLP techniques, such as working with Meta programs, and Equicoaching (coaching with horses) works on both a conscious and subconscious level. Participants thus develop in a sustainable way the skills and attitude to work better together.

Marc Van den Steen helps executives in SME and corporate companies with strategic decision-making and dealing with change. As a manager you are confronted with continuous change which requires well-considered decisions. Based on his many years of experience, Marc Van den Steen can provide you with optimal support in this respect.

Marc is an expert in change management and customer services. He has 20 years of international management experience as EAME Director Reservations Sales for Sheraton Hotels. Within Sheraton he united the European and Middle East reservations offices in a central office in Cork, Ireland. The office grew from 50 to 450 employees over the years.

With this expertise in restructuring customer services, Marc went on to work for Leisureplanet, Allienté and Amadeus, among others.  

Following that, Marc spent four years in executive development at the Swedish management institute IFL. Marc transferred the Scandinavian expertise in experience-based learning to Belgium.

In this way, Marc developed an offer around Creative Problem Solving. Since 2003, he has led a think tank for corporate executives from several international companies such as Philips, DSM, Daikin Europe, Rockwell Automation, Bombardier and First Data Corporation.

That original 2003 group will meet three times a year until 2030 with a mix of diehards, such as Indaver and Philips, and new members. Marc started a second group in 2016 in which SME business leaders, entrepreneurs and top officials tackle each other's challenges. This second group has a focus on the Belgian market.

Are you facing a difficult choice? Follow the example of Philips, RealDolmen and Delhaize and present your challenge to a ubeon Creative Problem Solving think tank.  

In such a group you get refreshing insights from experienced colleagues from totally different sectors. You will transcend your tunnel vision and return home with advice that you can put to work immediately.
As a Motivational Speaker, Hans gives speeches that motivate and inspire your people. As an Inspirational Coach, he supports you in getting your stories right yourself. Provider of Optimism and Inspiration is his job title and that is also what you can turn to Hans for:

Inspiring and motivating employees to achieve goals more efficiently,
Inspire management on situational mastery and communication,
Inspire clients by telling interesting stories about services and products,
Inspire an audience with entertaining keynotes about 'life', 'the brain' or 'NLP',
Let yourself be inspired to get rid of a limiting belief or a certain habit.
Hans bundles Storytelling, NLP and Art of Hosting with his own techniques and a personal touch. His approach supports various methods and programs.

With Hans you get a non-conformist source of optimism and inspiration that operates very far from the box. He brings an exceptional energy that is highly appreciated by his audiences and clients, leading to positive energy and inspiration for your people and better results for your business.