Team profile
Welkom aan boord van deze shuttle! Je ultieme bestemming is MARS: waar marketing en sales perfect afgestemd zijn op elkaar. Welkom aan boord van deze shuttle! Je ultieme bestemming is MARS: waar marketing en sales perfect afgestemd zijn op elkaar.

Tijdens dit traject ga je cruciaal onderzoek verrichten, naar de hefbomen voor jouw plannen en dromen als ondernemer. Je stuurt je huidige business systeem door een heuse testbatterij die je samen met je marketing en sales doorloopt.


We brengen jouw business in kaart:

Hoe ziet je propositie eruit en waar maak jij het verschil ten opzichte van de concurrentie?
Heb je een duidelijke strategie, met zicht op wat je de komende maanden en jaren gaat doen?
Welke mogelijkheden en middelen heb je om die strategie te bereiken? 
Hoe ziet je ideale klant eruit?
Werken je marketing en je sales afdeling goed samen? Hebben je medewerkers van die verschillende afdelingen wel hetzelfde doel voor ogen? 
Hoe is je klantentraject opgebouwd om van leads klanten te maken?
Hoe volg je klanten en contacten op? Welke tools en systemen gebruik je daarvoor?
As a certified trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively. Steff started her first business in 1993. She built up extensive experience in the marketing and communication sector and founded the training and consulting company ubeon in 2004.

She has been providing training in communication since 1997. Her extensive experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator is reflected in a great flexibility towards working methods.

As a certified trainer, Steff combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with systems theory. By applying these principles and techniques, a new space is created where ideas, trust, cooperation and a shared vision emerge spontaneously. This 'generative field' has a stimulating and motivating effect on each individual participant and the whole. Problems become options. Options become opportunities for personal and professional development and growth.

Since 2010 Steff focuses on coaching people and teams in medium and large organizations so that they are also able to work together in a sustainable way.


Jeroen Caluwé is co-founder of Voetvorm, where he is responsible for marketing and communication. He is also a freelance communications consultant for various clients within his own company Copy That. Jeroen graduated in 1998 as a licensed English-Spanish translator, was for a time a freelance language trainer, an attaché for communication policy at the federal government and is now a communication consultant at Copy That.

He took several courses, from branding communication to a postgraduate degree in digital marketing and from inspirational coaching to NLP.

Jeroen helps you with

Setting up and monitoring marketing campaigns,
Defining and positioning your brand
Aligning your communication with your identity
Copywriting campaigns in function of all possible on- and offline channels
As a Motivational Speaker, Hans gives speeches that motivate and inspire your people. As an Inspirational Coach, he supports you in getting your stories right yourself. Provider of Optimism and Inspiration is his job title and that is also what you can turn to Hans for:

Inspiring and motivating employees to achieve goals more efficiently,
Inspire management on situational mastery and communication,
Inspire clients by telling interesting stories about services and products,
Inspire an audience with entertaining keynotes about 'life', 'the brain' or 'NLP',
Let yourself be inspired to get rid of a limiting belief or a certain habit.
Hans bundles Storytelling, NLP and Art of Hosting with his own techniques and a personal touch. His approach supports various methods and programs.

With Hans you get a non-conformist source of optimism and inspiration that operates very far from the box. He brings an exceptional energy that is highly appreciated by his audiences and clients, leading to positive energy and inspiration for your people and better results for your business.