Als aanvulling op de assessments, levert dit coaching traject de persoonlijke begeleiding van de medewerker of leidinggevende.  

How do you market your products? What steps are essential and when do you perform them?  

Guide your customers through your marketing-sales funnel.  

Before a lead proceeds to buy, he or she will need to be convinced of the unique value of your service or product (to them!).  

Practice unusual brain techniques under the guidance of Brain Pirate coaches!
Those who want to deeply integrate NLP would do well to continue to encourage their learning
Dit coachingsprogramma leert ondernemers een denk- en werkkader te scheppen om samen te werken met grotere partner-ondernemingen

De zes belangrijke stappen:
How do you experience your career; stress or flow? Coaches

5-daags business traject voor ondernemers  

Ontwikkel een mindset waarmee je als ondernemer meer impact genereert.

Maak je eigen content-generator om mensen aan te trekken en te converteren tot klanten.

Niet harder en meer, maar wel slimmer werken: dat verhoogt jouw impact.  

Waar haal jij de energie vandaan om je aanbod in de markt te blijven zetten?
Gids en begeleidingsprogramma voor talentontwikkeling  

Ontdek samen met de Breinpiraten hoe je anders kan netwerken.
1-op-1 coaching bij presenteren…WERKT!
Guide and mentoring program for talent development. Talent works!

Toolbox for HR professionals, managers and coaches

Talent Works! is a proven coaching program for employees who want to work on developing their competencies and talents through a personal development plan. The self-coaching program includes instructional videos with coaching assignments, a workbook and worksheets.

Talent Works! offers you as a coach, HR professional or manager tools to orient employees (and coaching clients) in their career.

In this online workshop we give you the principles behind the exercises from the workbook.

What will you take away from the training?

You are able to use Talent Werkt! as a coaching tool
 You understand the underlying psychological principles and techniques
You will re-learn how to read by using your eyes and brain in a different way. Read faster and more efficient! Who is this training for?

Do you have a busy job where you have to process a lot of information like emails, reports and attachments? Do you sometimes have the feeling you have an information overload with the memos, professional literature and current events?

Why choose this training?

The training Speed reading provides you with a solution, it will teach you to read faster and improve your information processing. This way you'll save a lot of time. Additionally, you'll retain more information and in a more structured way.

After this training you'll have improved:

your reading pace
your ability to process the information and stimuli that comes your way
your ability to structure the storage of your memory helping you remember more
What will you learn during this training?


Understanding the brain: How the eyes and memory work.
Reading test - how fast do you read?
Your current reading habits.
Exercise: eye movement, eye guidance and peripheral vision.
Eye techniques

Eye techniques that will help you read faster and better?
Exercises in groups - guide & accelerate.
Brain techniques

What brain techniques help you absorb, recall and understand information faster and better?
Apply and practice

How do you process letters, reports, memos, current events, books faster?
How do you improve your reading memory?
Techniques for screenreading.


With the team of Ubeon Finance & Management, we realize that in your Flemish SME or family business, you are left with more questions than ever. Are you fully back to work yet?

Armed with a mouth mask and disinfectant gel and a meter and a half away, you try to make the best of it with your family and co-workers. Realizing that the battle is not yet over, that teamwork will make the difference and that now every euro counts, perhaps you need a sounding board?

Or perhaps you are a business manager for a limited group of companies where the corona crisis has led to unprecedented growth? If so, you've probably stumbled upon new challenges? Or do you just want to share your success story with us?

With the team of ubeon Finance & Management, we realize that in your Flemish SME or family business, you are left with more questions than ever. That's why we would like to support you this summer with some information sessions, workshops and free advice. We are here for you so that your company survives this crisis and comes out stronger.

Do you have a question about your business plan, financial management, strategy, cooperation in your company or any other question about managing your company?

Maybe you just want to have some sparring and feedback about your doubts or ideas?

Our experts are ready for you this summer. Both online and offline.

We are available for an initial free and non-binding consultation of +/- 1h in the Oosterhoeve, every day from 9h - to 15h.

If you are unable to attend one of these events but would like to speak to one of our experts at short notice, please send an e-mail with a brief explanation of your question. We will then put you in contact with the most relevant expert.

On the occasion of these sounding board sessions on Friday, we also offer you the opportunity to attend an information session or workshop for free at the Oosterhoeve:

Info session 07/08 at 13.00h - 5 mistakes that always cost family businesses money. What are they? How to avoid them? - speaker: Steven Boute
Workshop 21/08 at 09.00h - Financial basics - speaker: Louis Grulois
Info session 04/09 at 09.00h - Crisis management and practical tips for SMEs facing difficulties throughout or after corona - speaker: Daniel Maes
Duration of the sessions is +/- 45 minutes. In addition to the sessions, there is the possibility to submit personal questions or business challenges to the guest speakers.

Because of your health, the number of places is limited.

Early booking is therefore recommended!