Expectations are high and demands are high, but the obstacles on the road to success are numerous and appear at an ever-increasing rate. Organisaties worden steeds opnieuw geconfronteerd met onverwachte situaties, voortdurend sneller op elkaar opvolgende veranderingen, een groeiende complexiteit en daardoor ook met immer meer onzekerheden.
Change your way of thinking! Deze opleiding 'Zelfleiderschap' leert je methoden en technieken om doelen te bereiken op een georganiseerde manier en met het oog op mentale rust. Je wordt manager van je eigen tijd.
Verhoog uw impact op uw team als zaakvoerder, leider of manager  

Leuke workshop voor wie krachtige technieken wil leren om hun mensen en teams naar gemeenschappelijke doelstellingen te leiden  

How to thrive in times of uncertainty and rapid change.  

Talent Werkt! begeleidt je naar inzichten in je echte kwaliteiten en competenties aan de hand van een reeks opdrachten Modules 

Talent Werkt! - Welkom



Module 1 - Levensverhaal

Opdracht 1.1 + 1.2
Opdracht 1.3
Opdracht 1.4
Opdracht 1.5
Opdracht 1.6
Opdracht 1.7
Opdracht 1.8
Opdracht 1.9

Module 2 - Transities

Module 3 -Competenties

Opdracht 3.1 t.e.m. 3.3

Opdracht 3.4 t.e.m. 3.7

Module 4 - Waarden

Module 5 - Persoonlijke Pitch

Module 6 - Ontwikkelingsplan

Module 7 - Succes!

Heb je het gevoel dat je op een kruispunt staat in je leven? Moet je een belangrijke keuze maken? Wil je een nieuwe weg inslaan, zodat je je ware talenten volop kan ontplooien?


On Friday, May 7, 2021 RESET, ubeon is launching a virtual congress 'RESET'. About ten experts will each give a 20-minute presentation on how to efficiently deal with the new online environment and with change. Because of the pandemic, we were all dropped into an online environment. Try it, working online, especially if you did it little or never before. Our work environments have completely changed. We are moving towards a future with a constantly changing mix of live and virtual work - the new normal.

At ubeon, we quickly noticed that many were missing out on great online opportunities. We shared tips with each other and were able to get started with more self-confidence.  What we learned along the way we would like to share with you.

Learn from our experts, network with them and with the other participants and also share your experiences and ideas.

Discover all speakers and register soon!
How do you experience your career; stress or flow? Coaches

Gebruik de kracht van je team voor betere resultaten! Wat leer je in deze opleiding? 

Hoe werkt een lerende organisatie in de praktijk

​De 5 disciplines van de lerende organisatie.
Hoe zet je de lerende organisatie succesvol in in je bedrijf?

Samenhang tussen onderdelen.
Wat is de link tussen teamleden en systeemdenken?

Hoe maakt systeemdenken je organisatie succesvoller?

De rol en impact van het individu in en op het systeem.
Voer gerichte gesprekken en werf de beste medewerker
Voer feedback en functioneringsgesprekken en laat je medewerkers groeien
Advanced workshop series for experienced coaches and change facilitators

De wereld bekeken door de lens van de zwervende zenuw - 9 dagen polyvagaal
Resources for a ruminating brain! Dagplanning

8.30 - 9.15 u: onthaal met koffie, thee en ontbijtkoeken
9.15  - 9.25 u: introductie Dirk Coeckelbergh
9.25 - 10.00 u: Keynote 1 : Fons Leroy
10.00 - 10.40 u: Annelies Smolders   
10.40 - 11.00 u: Pauze
11.00 - 13.00 u: Prof. Dr. Daniël Ofman   
13.00 - 14.00: Broodjeslunch. Boekenstand
14.00 - 14;10: POSI @Friends
14.10 - 15.10: Dr. L. Swinnen 
15.10 - 16.15: Prof. Dr. Iris Sommer ( Groningen)   
16.15 - 16.30: Afsluiting De heer Dirk Coeckelbergh met Q@A
16.30 - 17.30: Uitgebreide netwerkreceptie en boekenstand
17.30 - Sluiting van het symposium
Prijs: 375 EUR/persoon. Tot 31/05 kan je nog genieten van een vroegboekkorting en inschrijven voor 325 EUR. 

Guide and mentoring program for talent development. Talent works!

Toolbox for HR professionals, managers and coaches

Talent Works! is a proven coaching program for employees who want to work on developing their competencies and talents through a personal development plan. The self-coaching program includes instructional videos with coaching assignments, a workbook and worksheets.

Talent Works! offers you as a coach, HR professional or manager tools to orient employees (and coaching clients) in their career.

In this online workshop we give you the principles behind the exercises from the workbook.

What will you take away from the training?

You are able to use Talent Werkt! as a coaching tool
 You understand the underlying psychological principles and techniques
Experience FLOW in everything you do. Get more energy, more focus, and achieve better results, both personally and professionally. Take the wheel of your life. Integrate FLOW.

Learn how to provide yourself with life, experiences and activities

That give you energy;
Where you can get your full potential;
Where you no longer experience obstacles that you put on yourself.
Get rid of energy loss, boredom, frustration, and substandard results NOW! Discover the FLOW code and improve the quality of your life, your relationships, and your experiences. Purely with your own strength! 

We teach you new habits and behaviors, which you will already be able to practice in the Zoominar, and give you everything you need to easily integrate them into your daily life.
The workshops are supported by an app (separate subscription), which offers you a multitude of exercises, triggers, flows and workouts to get started.
Choose for a workshop of one day, or for 4 workshops of 2 hours
Discover the FLOW state

Experience the FLOW dimension, in which we make giant strides in our level of fulfillment, in a direction we didn't even dare dream of.

Develop a FLOW personality

We will go over the basic mapping of the flow personality and outline the basic components needed to gradually build your FLOW personality.

Integrate the FLOW alignments

We will teach you the four main sources of FLOW triggers.
You will learn how to be fully immersed in the present experience, and how to create a mentally and emotionally safe inner perception framework.

Adopt the FLOW mindset

Change the way you think to be in line with the characteristics of FLOW.  If we want to find FLOW, we must first develop the flow-fit mindset.

We will teach you new habits and behaviors, which you will already be able to practice in the Zoominar, and give you everything you need to easily integrate them into your daily life.

The workshops are supported by an app (separate subscription), which offers you a multitude of exercises, triggers, flows and workouts to get started. You get 1 month of free access to FlowHub7, and can thus enjoy all the benefits of the app to achieve your FLOW.

Advanced workshop series for experienced coaches and change facilitators In the courses Deep Coaching Masterclasses you will further build your skillset as coach, facilitator, executive or manager with science-based techniques from systems science, positive psychology, communication science, and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others.

From this solid foundation, you will learn easily deployable techniques to create change in people and teams.

Each Deep Coaching Masterclass has its own angle with specific objectives:

Deep Trance
Learn powerful techniques for opening and deepening conversations.

Deep Change
Create deep and lasting changes in people and teams.

Deep Culture
Learn to lead an organizational or team culture in a desired direction with systemic techniques

The application possibilities are as rich as your own creativity allows.

Deep Coaching Masterclasses

These Deep Coaching Masterclasses are intended for further development. People who already have a background in coaching, facilitation or related will be able to further deepen their skills.

Blended learning

From the time you enroll, you will have access to the following resources:

the hand-outs in PDF format;
online training video's;
handy templates.
Thanks to these online resources, you can start training immediately. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainer(s).

The world viewed through the lens of the wandering nerve: nine days polyvagal
Where and how can we see real threats?
How do we delete old traumas or unpleasant experiences?
Where and how do we find the signals of safety?
How do we increase our resilience?
What is that really: fight, flight and freeze?
How do I establish good relationships?
What is a safe and efficient team?
What is the vagal brake?
What is the social engagement system?
What are shimmers? How can I avoid fatigue?
How can I increase my immunity? How do I avoid burnout?
How do I avoid headaches, neck pain, muscle aches and other annoying ailments?



Have you ever experienced that for some incomprehensible reason you suddenly feel unsafe during a conversation or during a party or an outing? Or that you are present at a meeting but your opinion is ignored? Or worse, you fall completely silent and hardly dare to move? Have you experienced traumas in your life or do you sleep badly? Or do you go through many periods with intense fears or worries? Or pains and fatigue?

Scientific research proves that about 60% of people suffer from past minor or pronounced traumas. And they carry that with them for an entire lifetime.

Did you know that this has a huge impact on your immunity? And on the development of burnout and the reduction of your resilience?

Here you can learn the perfect method to make an important conversation, a coaching session or an important assignment go smoothly and safely. 

These problems can easily be avoided with the help of our nervous system and more specifically with the help of the wandering nerve. Once you realize that, all those complaints disappear like snow in the sun. And then you go through life quietly with valuable connections and maybe even with the perfect job and fantastic health.

We all possess a wandering nerve that lurks throughout the day to detect pain and danger. And especially to improve our connections and confidence or our resilience and immunity. Process unpleasant experiences, connect with other people, live healthy and improve your resilience.


This year we are planning a year-long training, a true specialization with a short recap and lots of new and exciting info on polyvagal theory.

We will have a virtual zoom session in February, March, April, May and June and further in September, October and November. And then we will organize another festive day at the end of 2021 ( hopefully the virus will be gone by then) with exercises and a festive distribution of the year certificates. Then you are a true specialist.

Enrollments for this course are done directly through Luc Swinnen - The use of the SME Portfolio is not possible.