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Share your knowledge and experiences and learn in 8 "DO" sessions per year - themes brought in by participants
8 times a year Hugo moderates an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (executive)employees. The themes, general and common to several SME companies, are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants.

The goal is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing about this is that you can learn from the setbacks and successes of a colleague. Additionally, it is important to test certain challenges in a closed circle. Many things are possible, nothing is required, all this is in strong respect and trust with and for each other. Hugo also ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

This LiLoLe program consists of 8 sessions that take place throughout 2021.

When you sign up for the full program, you only pay €115 instead of €125 per session.

Moreover, you can appeal to the SME wallet of the Flemish Government. This means you only pay 70% of the total amount, the other 30% is subsidized by the Flemish Government. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Programma of 2021:

1. Wednesday 20/01/2021

Topic: What can, may and need you bring at the close of the calendar year concerning Corona
Location: ubeon (Oosterzele)
Case holder: TBD
Silent supervisor: Daniël Maes (ubeon)
2. Wednesday 17/02/2021

Topic: How to communicate regarding planning with customers/employees and is there a difference between providing services or products?
Location: In2Concrete (Oosterzele)
Case holder: Koenraad Boel ann/or Thomas Dewitte (In2Concrete)
Silent supervisor: TBD
3. Wednesday 17/03/2021

Topic: How do you do a periodical insurance scan?
Location: Windofin (Scheldewindeke)
Case holder: Katty De Praeter (Windofin)
Silent supervisor: TBD
4. Wednesday 14/04/2021

Topic: How long do you invest in the education of a new employee? When do you stop? How much can it cost?
Location: Baker Tilly (Melle)
Case holder: Frederik Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Lieven Nissens (Baker Tilly)
5. Wednesday 12/05/2021

Topic: How and why sustainable, timeless (re)investment in (commercial) buildings?
Location: Viewing house Matrix or Notary Dewulf (Oostakker)
Case holder: Tom Essel (Matrix Liften)
Silent supervisor: Henk Van Thuyne (architect) en Alex Dewulf (notary)
6. Wednesday 15/09/2021

Topic: How to restart or relaunch a new company (in a different sector)?
Location: TBD
Case holder: Wauter Muys 
Silent supervisor: Bob Cornelis (ubeon)
7. Wednesday 20/10/2021

Topic: How to research the needs and desires of a personalized long-term relationship with customers/stakeholders
Location: Garage D'Hondt (Zottegem)
Case holder: Peter D'Haese
Silent supervisor: Steffert Vaneste (Steam Clothing)
8. Thursday 18/11/2021

Topic: How do you leverage accumulated data from prospects and customers?
Location: Het Zoeteke (Oosterzele)
Caseholder: Hugo & Carine (Het Zoeteke)
Silent supervisor: Tom Commeine (Freedelity)

Quotes from 2019/2020:

Very interesting group with lots of openness to learn from each other.

Great location and great interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge!

You learn incredibly in a short time and in a very fun way!

Super location and excellent interaction to learn from each other and share knowledge - always an added value!


With the team of Ubeon Finance & Management, we realize that in your Flemish SME or family business, you are left with more questions than ever. Are you fully back to work yet?

Armed with a mouth mask and disinfectant gel and a meter and a half away, you try to make the best of it with your family and co-workers. Realizing that the battle is not yet over, that teamwork will make the difference and that now every euro counts, perhaps you need a sounding board?

Or perhaps you are a business manager for a limited group of companies where the corona crisis has led to unprecedented growth? If so, you've probably stumbled upon new challenges? Or do you just want to share your success story with us?

With the team of ubeon Finance & Management, we realize that in your Flemish SME or family business, you are left with more questions than ever. That's why we would like to support you this summer with some information sessions, workshops and free advice. We are here for you so that your company survives this crisis and comes out stronger.

Do you have a question about your business plan, financial management, strategy, cooperation in your company or any other question about managing your company?

Maybe you just want to have some sparring and feedback about your doubts or ideas?

Our experts are ready for you this summer. Both online and offline.

We are available for an initial free and non-binding consultation of +/- 1h in the Oosterhoeve, every day from 9h - to 15h.

If you are unable to attend one of these events but would like to speak to one of our experts at short notice, please send an e-mail with a brief explanation of your question. We will then put you in contact with the most relevant expert.

On the occasion of these sounding board sessions on Friday, we also offer you the opportunity to attend an information session or workshop for free at the Oosterhoeve:

Info session 07/08 at 13.00h - 5 mistakes that always cost family businesses money. What are they? How to avoid them? - speaker: Steven Boute
Workshop 21/08 at 09.00h - Financial basics - speaker: Louis Grulois
Info session 04/09 at 09.00h - Crisis management and practical tips for SMEs facing difficulties throughout or after corona - speaker: Daniel Maes
Duration of the sessions is +/- 45 minutes. In addition to the sessions, there is the possibility to submit personal questions or business challenges to the guest speakers.

Because of your health, the number of places is limited.

Early booking is therefore recommended!