Eric Ysebaert
Finance & Administration Expert
Finance & Administration
Eric Ysebaert helps you to realize your short and long term financial goals. From his extensive experience as a financial and administrative director, he focuses on finding and acquiring funds, grants and capital for SMEs.

Eric Ysebaert has extensive experience as a financial and administrative director of large and small companies. He knows the financial world and legislation through and through, has the right contacts and knows how to approach banks, investors and the government. He always carries out projects in mutual consultation and trust, with attention to the formal and informal communication flows.

Unlike classic fundraisers, Eric starts with a thorough analysis of your financial situation and strategy. Then he develops a well thought-out presentation of your company, tailored to banks, investors and government.

His correct and creative approach opens doors that would otherwise remain closed. In this way you acquire the resources that guarantee the continuity of your company and create room for new investments and solving structural financial problems.

Eric helps you

  • When you want more growth and profit.
  • When you want to develop a feasible business plan.
  • When you want to make structural financial improvements.
  • When you are looking for funds, venture capital or subsidies.
  • When you are looking for a backing when you are about to launch your business plan.

Coaching session

Coaching session
With the team of Ubeon Finance & Management, we realize that in your Flemish SME or family business, you are left with more questions than ever.

Consulting session

Consulting session
Together with SMEs, company directors and self-employed people, ubeon Finance tackles the challenges of financial management


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