Erik Lauwers
Human Resources & IT Project Manager Expert
Human Resources & IT
As IT project and change manager, Erik Lauwers ensures the successful integration of IT systems by giving extra substance to better cooperation between the various stakeholders.

Since 2009 he has coached over 600 people in teams and individuals under the EquiCircles banner. Erik Lauwers already delivered 60+ metaprofile analyses that gave his clients a better understanding of their own thinking and that of their colleagues and teams. In addition, he is the driving force behind GoLive! : ubeon's collaboration platform of independent professionals and has a knack for developing tools that support the business of independents and collaboration.

As Senior Project Manager for General Motors Europe, Erik was responsible for the roll-out of the global HR system in 10 European countries, within a BPO contract. Important here were the restoration and facilitation of collaborative relationships between the actors within projects and operational areas in an HR context. The spread across different locations, companies and cultures increased the complexity of this assignment.

As Functional Application Manager for Ernst & Young (Netherlands), Erik took care of the management of all changes, releases, maintenance and projects of the HR system. Also the organization of problem handling, process management for application management and methodology development were important result areas.

As Project Manager for Erik Lauwers took care of the worldwide deployment of travel websites in 20 countries. This project included not only website-related workflows but also marketing, fullfillment partners, etc.

More than two thirds of IT system implementations 'go wrong' somewhere because insufficient attention is paid to integration after completion of the IT project. However, the completion of an implementation project means the beginning of the real work for the organization that will have to integrate the change to realize the benefits. Good collaboration is more than a prerequisite for this. It is a lever with impact throughout the organization.

Next to his expertise in IT-implementation projects, Erik Lauwers developed EquiCircles(*), a unique teambuilding that strengthens the collaborative attitude on a conscious and subconscious level. This way teams increase their innovative, problem-solving and self-managing capabilities.

Erik Lauwers has been a GoLive! business coach for years. He also helps self-employed people and SMEs to save time by automating their business systems.

(*)EquiCircles is a series of innovative team coaching formulas in which the collaborative attitude is addressed and deepened. A powerful mix of NLP techniques, such as working with Meta programs, and Equicoaching (coaching with horses) works on both a conscious and subconscious level. Participants thus develop in a sustainable way the skills and attitude to work better together.


Coaching session

Coaching session
Guide your customers through your marketing-sales funnel.
Coaching session
How do you market your products? What steps are essential and when do you perform them?
Coaching session
Before a lead proceeds to buy, he or she will need to be convinced of the unique value of your service or product (to them!).


Through thinking style measurements, the driving force under your team is mapped out


Erik Lauwers - Friday, 4 November, 2016
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