Francis Demuynck
Finance Expert
Financial Management
Francis focuses on the operational functioning of your company and does so based on his years of experience as an external consultant in Finance.

Francis focuses on SMEs, where an internal accountant is active.  He has the day-to-day operations perfectly under control, but doesn't always have the time to go deeper into the figures.  The bookkeeper relies on the external accounting firm, which usually looks at things from a fiscal perspective.

A strong accounting firm will assist the entrepreneur in matters of VAT and taxation.  "Where can we optimize fiscally, keep the SG&A and personal income tax as low as possible, where are the pitfalls in VAT administration and how can we avoid them, ...?"

In a lot of cases, too little attention is paid to the internal reporting of the day-to-day operations.   

Francis Demuynck creates a customized management reporting for your company. He examines the needs and gets to work with the data of your company. As an Excel wizard, he sets up a system that is easy to use for the business manager and the internal accountant. No business intelligence with a heavy ERP program underneath, but an Excel tool as a guide for the manager, which helps to further develop a dashboard with the right KPIs. "What are the gross margins? What are our hard runners? How is the stock evolving? What are our overhead costs per department? Is the current system performing well enough or should we invest in something else?"

You can also contact Francis Demuynck if you are looking for an interim financial manager or an internal controller.  

He describes himself as follows:

  • Operational management reporting
  • budgeting, forecasting, controlling, key user in implementation of ERP projects (Microsoft Navision)
  • Generalist
  • Excel wizard

Some references are:

  • LEIEDAL intercommunale - Staff member Accounting and Finance.
    • Finance & controlling, budgeting, preparing budgets within an organization on a project basis, monitoring and tendering of loans
    • Implementation of Microsoft Navision - setting up the various digital flows of project-based sales invoicing, purchasing management and digital processing,
  • HADEFIS - Corporate coaching in Finance, Investments & Strategy
    • Succession of several companies within the portfolio
    • Assistance and preparation of board of directors and general meeting in several companies
    • General accounting, controlling and management reporting
    • Business Angels Network Flanders - assistance in deal making
  • VITALO- Thermoforming - Assistant controller
    • Assistant to the CFO
    • Credit control, budgeting, costing, controlling
    • Management reporting

In addition to these activities, Francis and his partner have developed a unique service for small entrepreneurs who experience difficulties when ill or disabled.  

KOFonds stands for the Small Entrepreneurs Fund, and is a solidarity network of entrepreneurs.

In the event that you are confronted with illness or incapacity for work, your network supports you with a donation, in addition to the sickness benefit you receive from social security.

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