Hugo Verstraeten
Public Relations Expert
Public Relations
When you meet Hugo, you also meet his extensive network. Due to his years of commitment to various networking organizations and platforms, Hugo is known as 'the' networker of Flanders.

Hugo moderates 8 x per year an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (managing) employees. Themes are general and common in several SME companies. 

The themes are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants. The intention is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing is that you can learn from setbacks and successes of a colleague. 

It is also important that you can test certain challenges in a closed circle.  Much is possible, nothing is required and all this in a strong respect and trust with and for each other.  Hugo ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

Hugo ensures that entrepreneurs (especially SMEs) have time for their core business.

Hugo as a generalist 'pure sang' is asked to:

  • Look for creative simple (cheap) solutions to optimize daily operations (increase turnover, targeted promotional actions, reduce costs, increase turnover, monitor pricing, customer management, ....)
  • Grow the staff from employees to co-workers in the company, especially by increasing the cooperation between the employees and the management, for example by
    • implementing and following up on employee startups;
    • formal interviews based on predefined functional performance objectives;
    • competence management and associated tools (training/guidance) to maintain and grow the level of employees. Added value for employees = added value for the company;
    • regular informal (planned) activities (personally oriented simple team buildings (read warm/personal welcome by the manager);
    • ...
  • Tools Hugo uses include:
    • elaboration of a SWOT (strength/weakness) analysis
    • SCRA (Symptom, Cause, Remedy and Actions) where people from various companies and sectors meet, exchange expertise and learn to work together.

Besides organizing these platforms and attracting professionals, Hugo can also act as a networker and facilitator.

Finally, Hugo has a wide network of press relations, which can directly contribute to the enhancement of the corporate image.




Share your knowledge and experiences and learn in 8 "DO" sessions per year - themes brought in by participants


Hugo Verstraeten - Thursday, 15 April, 2021
Hugo is expert in probleemoplossend denken. Hij zorgt ervoor dat ondernemers (vooral KMO’s) opnieuw tijd krijgen voor hun core business. Probleemoplossend denken is meer dan enkel en alleen een probleem oplossen. Hugo toont ons hoe we nieuwe kansen kunnen grijpen. Daar stopt het niet bij. Je leert hoe je op een…
Hugo Verstraeten - Wednesday, 4 October, 2017
Oosterzele Onderneemt lanceert webshop waar lokale ondernemers en winkels hun producten kunnen aanbieden.  Afgelopen weekend werd de webshop Oosterzele Onderneemt gelanceerd in de Oosterhoeve. Heel wat mensen, jong en oud, vinden hun weg naar online shoppen. Om de lokale handelaar te ondersteunen in dit digitaal…
Hugo Verstraeten - Wednesday, 24 June, 2015
Veel handelaars en retailers staan tegenwoordig aan de klaagmuur, maar in Oosterzele is daar weinig van te merken. Het gemeentebestuur werkt er in een 'troika' nauw samen met de Gemeentelijke Raad voor Lokale Economie (GRLE) , en het Bestuur van UNIZO Land van Rhode, om tal van initiatieven te ontwikkelen, die de…