Enhance your cognitive skills

The longer we use our brains, the more we understand how our brains function. 

Thanks to brain-training techniques, we can do more with our brains. Learn these methods to use your brain more efficiently and effectively.

Brain Techniques


Broaden your learning skills with some fun and easy exercises.

Speed Reading

Re-learn how to read, by using your eyes and brain in a different way. Read faster and more efficiently!

Concentration techniques

Lack of concentration seems to be a disease of our time. But did you know that you largely have or can take control of your own concentration ability? 

(Re)discover your insights, practice with tips and tricks and meet like-minded people. You can exchange experiences and learn from each other. 


Mind Mapping

Structure your thoughts and jot them down efficiently through mind mapping.

Boost your memory

Rediscover the childlike and enjoyable nature of learning. Without ever having "learned" it, you managed to learn and remember untold things and skills as a child. Without knowing it, you applied a number of innate skills linked to the workings of the brain.

Until you went to school, where some of those natural patterns were unlearned, forgotten or even deprogrammed.

Brain Resources - Symposium

Resources for a ruminating brain! 5 top experts who will teach you, during a whole day, resources that you rarely get the chance to experience in Belgium.

Masterclass: Capita Selecta from neuroscience new

More and more coaching techniques and tools are being designed. But how do these techniques actually work?

Palo Alto Limbic Coaching Certification

Learn how to coach the emotional brain thanks to this groundbreaking and scientifically based coaching method.


As trainers, we often get the same feedback returned over and over again;

Why didn't they ever show us this earlier!

Why wait until we are adults?

We Brain Pirates are curious and eager to learn. We want to discover and explore hidden treasures in ourselves and in others. 

As Brain Pirates we stand guard, observe the wide sea, even below the water surface. 

The common thread here: the workings of our brains!

We brain pirates provide simple tools and techniques that are accessible and easy for those who are open to them. 

We use various tools and insights such as systems thinking, NLP and hypnosis techniques, cognitive behavioral science, neuroscience and psychology to learn how our whole brain works and what it does to us. 

This allows us to learn, communicate, change, and achieve desired outcomes more consciously. 


Our offer:

Networking Differently

What if networking was done in a relaxed, no-nonsense way? What if we connected naturally, just like children do?

Parley evenings

Tips and tricks on communication, leadership, change, etc. are shared during these evening sessions. We will work with what you as participants bring to the table yourself, so that after each session you will leave with immediately applicable skills.

Meditation & Techniques

Meditation and related techniques:


Treat yourself to a "toolbox" that you can continue to use later, both to boost your mental well-being and when setbacks come your way.

Laughter Yoga

Bring people together to 'laugh for no reason' simply because it's nice to laugh together. You laugh with each other, not at each other.

Or train yourself as a laughter yoga animator!


When people work in confidence they are often happier, more productive, focused on working together and developing together.

In this introductory workshop, we will work together to create more trust, perhaps something you can work with in your workplace.