Change & Excellence
Change & Excellence
Change & Excellence


Leading Change - Business Game

This training raises awareness, offers tools and tips, and makes you think about your own role in change processes. 

By means of a business game, you learn to immediately convert the theory you have learned into pragmatic experience.

Anchoring Change Results

Keep your team in motion and get better results from your transformation projects.

Change is a joint effort

Learn to understand change and its consequences. The focus of this training is on how change impacts you and your team members.

Hidden treasures

Get to know yourself, others and the world, try to understand and guide them. Discover the magic wand that is at your fingertips to achieve harmony anywhere, anytime.

Project Management

ISCM - Complex Project Management

Learn how to manage and lead complex projects.

Agile, waterfall or hybrid? Each project its own approach

Every project is different, but how should you lead them?

In this webinar you will learn how to create a tailored mix, and select the best from the agile and waterfall methodologies.

Give your project a boost - 10 keys for pragmatic project management

Projects that fizzle, that bubble, that deliver results quickly. Isn't that what we all dream of?

Project management: together we are stronger

A webinar with practical tips to get people on board in your project, and to achieve a better result faster.

Change & Excellence
Change & Excellence

Risk Management

ISO 31000 Masterclass and Certification

This course enables participants to become Professionals certified in Risk Management according to the ISO 31000 Standard (Foundations level).

Risk Based Thinking voor KMO's

How can you generate added value for your company or organisation? How do you ensure that you do not lose the value created? That is the subject of this interactive training course.