Masterclass - Systems Thinking
Masterclass - Systeemdenken
Using systems thinking, you will gain insight into the complex coherence and dynamics in your organization, sectors and markets.

For many, systems theory seems like an academic science. We find that few organizations are still putting systemic principles into practice. However, this way of thinking leads to higher chances of success and more sustainable systems.

Systems thinking is a way of thinking that gives you insight into how people and organizations act, plan and organize.

Systems are everywhere. Learning to see and influence these systems is a necessary skill for every manager and executive.

Masterclass - Systeemdenken

Wat leer je tijdens deze Masterclass?

Introduction to systems thinking

  • Mechanistic vs. Synthetic
  • Emergence
  • Feedback
  • Causality
  • Mapping
  • From observation to intervention

The structure of subjective experience

  • Model of the world
  • The quality of perception
  • Presuppositions

The Logical Levels of Learning and Changing

  • The systemic connection between the Logical Levels
  • Key questions per level
  • Aligning the Logical Levels

Steps to an Ecology of Mind

  • Whole System Perspective
  • The evolution of thinking
  • Mapping systems
  • Depth Structure
  • Variables
  • Cause-effect relations
  • Delays
  • Feedback loops
  • Delimitation & Limits
  • Causal Loop Diagram (CLD)
  • Emergence of behavior
  • Meta Model

Complexity and Change

  • Cynefin
  • Cultural differences in metaprograms and thinking styles
  • Collective and individual thinking styles
  • Challenges related to cultural diversity & Group Think

Systemic archetypes as a result of collective thinking styles

  • Limits to Growth
  • Fixes that Fail
  • Shifting the Burden
  • Eroding Goals
  • Success to the Successful
  • Tragedy of the Commons

Beliefs & Belief Systems

  • Limiting and Empowering Beliefs
  • Belief Systems and Core Beliefs
  • Identifying Beliefs

Patterns of Mastery

  • Applying the Strategic Systems Exercise to your business
  • Anticipating and influencing systemic behavior
  • Applying the Systemic Performance Management model
  • Shaping your organization or team as self-organizing
  • Complex Adaptive System (CAS)
Steff Vanhaverbeke
Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
As a certified trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
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