Workshop - Visual Thinking
Workshop - Visual Thinking
Are you curious about how to boost your thinking skills? Would you like to communicate with people faster and easier?

We have a highly developed 'visual culture', but in the business context it still seems underdeveloped.

Communication is still mainly verbal and auditory, which leads to speech confusion, misunderstanding and, above all, a lot of time wasted trying to explain something with hands and feet that could be made clear in one image.

In this training you learn to use your strongest sense optimally to solve problems or sell ideas.

Workshop - Visueel denken

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Think faster and more powerfully
  • Think more creatively
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Convince people more easily

What will you learn during this training? 

  • The functioning of the brain
  • The process of visual thinking
  • Visual thinking and problem solving
  • Communicating visually



Steff Vanhaverbeke
Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
As a certified NLP trainer, coach and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
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